Still Got It…


I played golf in high school. I wasn’t GREAT but I was good. I played on a great team (of which three of the seven girls I played with over the years are still among my best friends). I was all-conference and got honorable mention all-state one time. I played Division III college golf and was all-conference there, too. So, I’m a golfer…or, as I like to relate, a FORMER golfer.

I’ve been burned out on golf for awhile now. I’ve liked playing in scrambles, I’ve liked being able to impress people with how long I can hit a driver (for a girl) and that’s the extent of my golf interest as of late.

However, we just bought the house on the golf course I grew up on and we have a phenomenal view and it’s just perfect. And, I want to now have a membership to the club.

Spent the day today with my Dad, Mom and brother Trevor playing 18 holes. I didn’t play superb (let’s imagine a 7 on the par-3 ninth hole to close out with a 49). However, I came back with a 42 to shoot 49-42=91 for the day. I really wanted to break 90 out of the gate. My short game would not allow that to happen (hell, just double-bogey the ninth and everything’s different). But, more importantly, I ENJOYED golf again today. I truly did. And I’m looking forward to being better the next time…whenever that may be.

I grew up playing golf with my Dad. He was my first and best instructor…and still is. He’s a great player himself. He would play every day, all day if he could, I swear. He LOVES the game.

I’m looking forward to him having another little girl around to teach how to golf…and I hope that our baby girl (nameless as we have not yet agreed on anything) somehow gets the same phenomenal experience that I did by having golf as a way to have my best friends find me in this lifetime. At the time, golf didn’t seem to be that important. High school – friends – boys – drama – booze – freedom — all seemed much more important. Well, they were. But, in reality, as an adult now looking back, I see the importance that this game has played in my life. It gave me my friends, an outlet of escape within my family, a point of pride in myself. It taught me how to hang with the ‘good ol’ boys’ club and how to deal with the days when a two-some wanted to play through and the 50-something 10 o’clock’ers at the course would just hit into you. In essence, it taught me – and provided me – with all the things I’ve needed to make it this far.

I guess I better hurry up and get that membership going…I may need it to help launch me the rest of the way 😉

What a great day on the course…


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