26 Weeks: Status Update

First, a photo. I’ve felt guilt about not taking more and/or posting more alongside my status updates. Even though I would much prefer to NOT show the ugly face with the huge caustic acne, for posterity’s sake, here it is. Remember, it’s about the belly…not about the face (at least for today).

No denying it now...I'm for SURE pregnant.

Without further ado, a Week 26 status update.

Due Date: October 13, 2011! Every time I have an ultrasound, we move a little closer to today…which is scary and exciting all at once! Probably sticking with my initial thought of October 18 is realistic…At the ultrasound yesterday, she was 1 pound, 12 ounces and 13.3 inches long (which, if you see above, isn’t actually that long, even though that ultrasound tech made it sound like it was). Her heart rate was 147 bpm. All well and good…all the bits that are supposed to be on the inside of her skin are, and all the bits that are supposed to be on the outside are. Perfect!

Baby Developments: Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby’s also soaking up my antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and baby will soon perfect the blink — perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes. Funny that this should mention eyes…the pics from the ultrasound yesterday look a little like ‘alien baby’. The eyes are sppooooo-ooky.

Weight Gain: Not sure. Again, I don’t weigh myself as a general habit. I have a scale. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work. But…I’m sure I weigh more than I did at the last report. The baby does, so I have to, right? At last tally, total weight gain was between 7-8 pounds for the pregnancy. Two weeks ago at the appointment, I mentioned I could plan on gaining about a pound per week from here on out. So, that’d put me right around the 10-11 pounds gained mark. Whatever. Don’t even care. (Ok, I care. A little, just not a lot).

Cravings: Water! Crazy as it sounds, all of a sudden I’m PARCHED. So, I’ve been indulging in more water than I had been, which is a step in the right direction anyway. Nothing other than that. I did see some commercial for Klondike Fudge Bars or something and thought those sounded good, but haven’t actually GONE grocery shopping to pick those up.

Symptoms: All the gross stuff that you’re supposed to have at this stage, I do. But, nothing bad/awful. I have spared my small audience of readers the admission about the hemorrhoids I’ve suffered the last several months and read on another blog of a pregnant co-worker and realized, I ought to disclose that this happens to the best of us. I have been on a stool softener regimen for the last several months…and I can tell a difference when I forget a dosage and when I am on it. Don’t know why the bowels of pregnant women are so tough – literally – but they are. Looking forward to that returning to some semblance of regularity.

I am loving: the summer and this week-long vacation that I’ve had. Lots of little around-the-house projects that have been on the radar are getting checked off my list. Also enjoying Drew (he arrived a day early, June 26) and the prospects of more babies on the horizon. Just found out that two of my Mom’s best girlfriends – Terri and Karen – are both going to be Grandma’s in February! Yeah!

Sleep: Going to bed a little later than normal, but sleeping well. No complaints from me.

I miss: A cocktail (not the hangovers) or two, feeling solid about my body. I actually feel better about myself right now than I did probably eight months ago…only because I have the ‘excuse’ of being pregnant. But…I’m realizing now how much I shouldn’t have bitched about my body compared to what it looks like now (see acne-stained face in photo above for evidence).

I am looking forward to: getting the insulation into the attic so we can really get Minnie’s room put together.

I am spazzing about: the “Joys of Homeownership”. Leaky kitchen faucet (times two), broken garage door spring, a big tree limb fell in the yard and, today’s latest development, a plumbing system in need of Roto Rooter. Sa-weet.

Best moment of the week: All kinds. My Mom coming with me to…the second ultrasound. Shopping with my mom. Fourth of July (my favorite holiday, though I’ve had a few crapp-tastic ones in a row here and need to get out of my funk…still love the holiday); watching the John Adams mini-series. The way the rug for Minnie’s room is coming togehter.

Milestones: Ordered the wall decal and the artwork for the nursery today.

Movement: Still a lot. It seems like when I finally lay down in bed at night is when she goes to town with the kicking/punching, etc. I’m definitely feeling more and more of her movements these days.

It’s a….: baby girl!

Exercise: Not a lot other than working around the house.

Diet: Have not been doing very good about eating regularly. I keep eating one or two big meals a day instead of keeping myself nourished. This bit me in the ass yesterday when, at the ultrasound, the weirdest thing transpired. The tech laid the table flat and I had been fine. But all of a sudden I was sweating hot and could think of nothing but standing in front of the air conditioner. And then, getting a drink of water. I asked my Mom to get me a glass of water. Even room temperature water was sounding fine to me. And I was light-headed. Not cool at all. The tech got me a glass of ice water and that seemed to really make everything better. Silly me…will try not to do that to myself again!

Boobs & Belly Button: I just actually lifted up my shirt to look at the belly button…I find myself wondering ‘could it REALLY pop out?’. I have a deep, deep innie and I just don’t see how it could happen…but they say it will. It’s definitely less-deep than it was. For whatever that’s worth. And my boobs…well…still big. Need to get at least one better bra to wear to work instead of the sports bras I’ve been getting away with lately.

Goals for the upcoming week: Finalize a plan for work/with work about maternity leave. Or at least begin that discussion. Consider googling child care options in the area. Harp on Jon to get the insullation into the attic. We are now down to 98 days until she arrives (broke the 100 mark!) and about 68 days until the shower at our house. Room MUST be done by then. It is non-negotiable.


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