The Nursery…Progresses

I have had a hard time calling it the ‘nursery’. It sounds so…well, baby-ish. So, I have kept calling it ‘the baby’s room’ and, as I’ve gotten more comfortable, ‘her room’. As we have yet to agree on a name and the idea of an infant who I am in charge of remains a bit foreign, I’m just strangely uncomfortable saying ‘nursery’.

Nonetheless, that IS what the room will function as…the room at the end of the hall.

It needs paint, blinds, curtains, a rug, the crib put together, the dresser/changing table put together, the glider moved in. The closet painted. The artwork framed and hung. The drawers organized. The shelves lined with books.

But, before ANY of that can happen, Jon has to put insulation in the attic.

How are these things related, you may ask?

Well, unless I’ve mentioned this before, here’s how: the ONLY entrance into the attic is through ‘her room’. We had to get all the electrical done in the attic before we began the work on the insulation. The electrical work has now been done for approximately two weeks. And, the insulation has yet to make even a hint of an appearance.

Jon notes that it is hot up there. Yes, yes it is. He attempts to make it my fault that it is now the hottest part of the year when this insulation-in-the-attic must be accomplished. Keep in mind, we’ve known this since we moved in. It is not entirely my fault…I have kept other projects going and Jon hasn’t taken charge of the attic insulation project. But, it is not my fault that he has knowingly not made the insulation project a priority on cold days. What can I say, I have no sympathy.

Except that I will feign sympathy, friends, in order to get the insulation in the attic so that the room can get painted and the furniture put in there. We are below 100 days. As a matter of fact, we’re at 96 days and counting until October 14. And only 67 until the baby shower at our house takes place. That’s two months for those able to divide…

Nonetheless, here’s the progress I HAVE made:

Removed my clothes from the closet and put in the downstairs bedroom. My clothes don’t fit anyway.

Swept the floor.

Made a list of the things that need to be accomplished.

Ordered the artwork for the walls.

Ordered the wall decal for the ‘red’ wall.

That’s it. That’s the progress.


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