27 Weeks: Status Update

Ok, in the interest of eliminating guilty conscience from my life, here’s a photo of Week 27. (Ugh, tone your arms lady).

I really should do my hair and makeup before I take and post these shots. Seriously.

A Week 27 status update, for your reading pleasure.

Due Date: October 13, 2011! Or something like that. Again, the doctor has insisted upon October 27 and I thought October 18, and the ultrasounds have revealed a 10/14 and 10/13 due date, respectively.

Baby Developments: In the next week, her eyes will really work. How cool. It feels like there’s got to be a lot of stuff going on, because it FEELS like she’s getting bigger.

Weight Gain: Uh, yeah. I’ve not been doing well on the diet/exercise front but whatev’s. I’m going to guess I’ll have gained about 7 pounds. I hadn’t gained much weight in general and they say about a pound a week – that’d be four – and I am going to guess a few extras are in there. Especially since the baby weighs about two pounds these days. I will say this about weight gain – how do people with large bellies ever feel as though they poop properly (sorry, but I find myself wondering this). With this belly out in front of me, I’m telling you, it’s a different approach to bowel movements in general. Anyway, this would be about 15 pounds of total weight gain thus far with 13 weeks to go. So, a total weight gain of around 28-30 pounds. Not too shabby.

Cravings: Still craving water but also sweet treats. I actually had to have a yell at myself the other night as I considered an ice cream treat after having indulged in an Ikea cinnamon roll. The yelling went something like this:
“YOU DO NOT HAVE A HALL PASS, FATTY! STOP!” I did NOT indulge that evening. I had three cookies yesterday with lunch. Let’s call them small wins.

Symptoms: Definitely beginning to understand the feelings of discomfort that come along with pregnancy. Had to hit the road for a few days this week, and driving was definitely less comfortable than normal. I also feel like when I wear preggo pants with the full coverage tummy band that I feel slowly ‘suffocated’ or something weird. I don’t like the tightness that comes on my mid-section (belly sounds awful now that I’ve written it so many times). I have not in fact noticed the linea nigra (the line that’s supposed to appear up the middle of your belly) yet. I’m sure that’s a matter of time.

I am loving: summer, friends, the sunshine, the sunsets, watering the flowers, our house that feels like a home (sort of, still working at it), learning about photography slowly and surely. Also, all the baby movements going on inside my body. I find myself wondering what it will be like when that DOESN’T happen anymore. I can understand why some women could struggle with the NOT being pregnant, because it’s pretty intimate to have that knowledge that YOUR baby is in YOUR belly and moving and healthy.

Sleep: Am pretty tired actually. Third trimester officialy begins soon. Foresee more of that happening. Mid-day I get more tired. Being busy helps, though. If I don’t keep myself busy enough, my eyelids get heavy.

I miss: Shirts feeling ‘flowy’; a cocktail or two and the headiness that goes with being a little bit drunk; booze cruise on the water in the summer with favorite people; being able to put my left foot on the dashboard while I drive without feeling as though I can’t breathe; not being out of breath while giving a presentation.

I am looking forward to: getting Minnie’s room done now that Jon and I have agreed we’re just going to work on the room and do the insulation later on. Also, this weekend spending time at the pool, dinner tonight with my cousin and my dad’s side of the family and next weekend Higgins Lake.

I am spazzing about: not much. Oh, wait, child care. And maternity leave. My boss and I just talked this morning and it sounds like doing a slowly coming back to work FMLA leave is not something the company will support, so I’m for sure taking all 12 weeks straight. Which is fine by me. But, shortened work weeks are not something the company supports it sounds like, so that’s off the table. So – work in general is something worth spazzing about.

Best moment of the week: Having people I work with see me all pregnant and say ‘you look so cute’ and ‘you look GREAT’ when I would say how far along I was.

Milestones: I purchased “What to Expect the First Year” so I’ll know what the heck to expect. Also, started looking into childbirth classes and think we’ve opted to not worry about it. May order the “Labor 101” DVD though.

Movement: I’m now being able to tell what time she moves around the most…pretty much 10 p.m. it starts and lasts throughout the night on and off. Listen lady, this better not be a sign of things to come. We are not late night party’ers. Well, we are, but…we’d like it if you were a bit more of a traditional sleeper. Like, at night and being awake in the day. (For the record, random websites say the reason for that is that when the mom moves around all day, it lulls the baby to sleep, and when you stop moving, it’s when they wake up. Ok.)

It’s a….: itty bitty baby girl!

Exercise: No. Emphatically.

Diet: No. Emphatically.

Boobs & Belly Button: The boobs are probably a 38D and on their way larger. Belly button is becoming more and more shallow.

Goals for the upcoming week: Evaluate childcare options. Decide on paint colors for the rest of her room and begin painting on Sunday.

Random Note: I just want to capture how great I feel about where Jon and I are right now. I’ve felt as though he’s been a very silent partner thoughout the pregnancy thus far, but lately I definitely feel as though he’s more engaged and supportive and I feel as though he and I are just really in a great place together. I feel like my emotions go up and down a lot these days and I feel lucky that I’m recognizing that it’s hormone-related but I have found myself very, very glad that it’s he and I in this together. And that makes me feel better than anything else, quite honestly.

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