Ow, Shoulder Pain

I have been having this severe shoulder pain, especially at night, but in general too.

Haven’t been able to figure out why, or how to get rid of it.

I forced Jon into just grabbing and pressing super hard on my shoulder, which actually seemed to make it feel better.

And when I woke up the following morning, my opposite shoulder hurt.

And that’s when I put two and two together and, folks, I got four.

Sleeping on my SIDE (as indicated is the best/only way when you’re pregnant) is creating this awful shoulder pain from holding myself on my shoulder all night. I have to say that these days, sleeping/laying on my back is pretty discomforting…makes it a little harder to breathe and it’s just generally uncomfortable. So, the side it is. But this shoulder pain was something I did not account for.

I think part of it was the antiquated beds at the cabin upnorth last weekend and the hotel beds I was in last week. Last night I slept awesome (save the four bathroom trips throughout the course of the night).

And while Jon has made fun of the 10 pillows on our bed, I think he now realizes how important they are to my sanity and muscle tension.

Last night I hybrid-ized a sleeping position that is sort of like sleeping on your stomach for the top half of your body, but the bottom half of the body remains properly in place on its side. Seems to have rid my body of the shoulder pain at least for today.

These are the things no one tells you about. That, and the hemorrhoids. And the acne.

But it’s a joy… … …really, I swear.

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