Preggo Pics at a Glance

I found myself wondering ‘how different DO I look’ and so I was compelled to put all the photos I’ve taken over the last couple of months in one post. Here goes….

In hindsight, I feel like the Week 27 picture looks bigger than the 28.5 picture. Guess I got a good angle this morning in the mirror, what can I say?

I’m struck by the fact that I didn’t share any ‘bump’ photos between weeks 15 and 23 and 23 and 26. That 15 to 23 week gap was where a lot of changes happened. I’m sure I have pictures somewhere at home, just need to go searching.

Ok, well there’s a look back. Only 11 more weeks to go and hopefully 11 more pictures to post!!

28.5 Weeks (or so) 

Somewhere around 29 weeks!
27 Weeks

I really should do my hair and makeup before I take and post these shots. Seriously.
26 Weeks

No denying it now…I’m for SURE pregnant.
23 Weeks

23 Weeks. Ok, I’m pregnant it turns out.
15 Weeks 

Taken May 6, 2011, 15 weeks.


Eight Weeks

Jon & I at the Kappa Sigma Founders Day Dinner at the Sarvis Center in Flint. March 2011.


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