Really? Really.

So, I got a great new book from my cousin, Amy called “Baby Bargains” and it’s awesome. I’ve started with the chapter on strollers, because I’m just not convinced that putting a $399.99 stroller on our list of things to have is a reality I can live in. My girlfriends have all said that the Baby Jogger – City Elite – is the best way to go. Worth the price, they say.

This is what the thing looks like:

I am looking at the red or black as my options.

Yes, that little thing you’re staring at is $400. But, thankfully “Baby Bargains” assures me that this is one of the top brands and strollers on the market for the price and for the functionality. That Baby Jogger gets it right. So, ok. I did my homework. I’m feeling like I can be okay with this ‘all-terrain’ stroller. Losing the guilt over not putting a travel system on my list of things to get for baby.

However, as I’ve been doing my online research laying in this hotel room bed tonight (I’m in Indy this week visiting a few accounts before a client meeting in Chicago on Thursday morning), I stumbled across this:


What. The. Fheck.

I seriously had to save the image and post it here, because I couldn’t understand what it was trying to do or be. It’s a blanket with legs…the sleggie? Like the snuggie except for legs? I just don’t understand. Who thought this was a good idea?

Like someone sat around and said, oooh, I know. Let’s sell this blanket that I sew legs into…

It really is meant to be a baby snuggie. It’s so you can strap the baby into the infant carrier/car seat without removing the blanket. For the record, the baby in this blanket photo pose is topless, so how they’re touting it as something you use as you put the kid in the car seat, it escapes me. But — I just had to share.



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