Mason Family Shower: Anticipation

Well, today (in about three hours, in fact) is my first of two showers. This one is mainly Jon’s family and friends of the family. I can NOT believe that it’s already here, frankly.

I do feel a bit better that we are nearing completion status on the nursery, that it feels like we’ve got things on a path to be as prepared as possible (ha!) for this little gal to join us at home!

Thankfully, I have all the time in the world because the shower is just three houses away at Rick and Jen’s house. Either way, we have to cart the gifts we get back over here, so I’m glad it’s close.

I find the whole idea of a shower sort of surreal (as I’m sure I’ve noted before this), but it’s like ‘oh, hey, here’s a list of things I want…if you want to show up to my party, be sure to bring something from that list’. I know it’s an age-old tradition, and I like the tradition of it…but I would hate for anyone to ever feel obligated to gift us (this baby girl) anything…I hope that people are gifting because THEY want to. I find the most fun in giving gifts when I feel like I’ve gotten it right…so, I’m really looking forward to enjoying this time of giving/receiving/thanks this afternoon.

I’m also really relieved that I don’t have to go back on the road tomorrow. Jon is heading over to the west side of the state tonight but I don’t have to be in Indianapolis until Tuesday, so I’m really glad that I’ll have all night tonight and tomorrow to get the gifts in order (and maybe even stare down some thank you notes!). I feel like I’ve gotten pretty rested up in the last few days, so I’m prepared for another few days on the road…though I’m sure I’ll be exhausted again by next Friday.

Alright, well, I have one more (of three, total) bathrooms to clean and need to run the vacuum downstairs. Jon should really do that, though, I think. Downstairs IS his domain, after all…his ‘man cave’ area. I’m going to go see how that flies…

Can’t wait to show all the great gifts that people are gifting our Minnie Mason!


P.S. Can I also say that I’m REALLY feeling good about the photos I did yesterday of Molly? I feel like I’m getting better and better each time, which is good. I wish I had a better way of displaying the photos or going through them…but…anyway, I feel really fulfilled that I did that decently well yesterday.

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