Turns Out There’s a Reason…

…that I haven’t worn tie or strap/buckle shoes in who knows how long.

I am ready to go to the Clio Country Club 50th anniversary party tonight and look like this:

However, I have on wedge heels (will debate the educated nature of this decision tomorrow I’m sure) that have a buckle around the ankle. I haven’t worn a pair of shoes that requires more than positioning them so that it’s easy to get the left on my left foot and right on my right foot in – oh, I don’t know – months.

Nonetheless, I spent a few solid minutes trying to figure out a good position in which to sit while I reached over the top of and underneath my left leg to get the damn buckle buckled. The right wasn’t the challenge. It wasn’t so much the positioning as it was being able to still breathe while buckling. Needless to say, the extra bit of strap is not tucked into the second part of the buckle.

Jon and I spent today doing domestic requirements: putting up shelves in the garage, vacuuming the downstairs and getting rid of the immense amount of cobwebs that have appeared since the deep clean back in June for the baby reveal party. Hard to believe that’s been almost three months!! But, let me tell you how icky a house can get when it’s not deep cleaned in that amount of time. I thought the odor (pregnancy byproduct: phenomenal olfactory senses) was due to my lack of cleaning. Which, I bet it is. But, I also realized that there was some RANK trash down there too. So, domestic requirement: taking out the trash was completed.

We went to lunch at BWW’s in Flint and we stopped (well, we both stopped, I went in) to Hobby Lobby and ended up finding a side table for the baby’s room for $35, which I’m pretty pumped about.

Spent some time re-arranging her room to try to see if there is a different configuration that could work out, but so far haven’t come up with it.

Had a for sure BH contraction today while driving back from lunch. Which was sort of like ‘ouch’ and Jon got one of those looks on his face…but I was explaining what it was. I also asked him if he wanted to practice saying what he is going to say when I actually DO call him and say “My water broke” or “I’m in labor”. He didn’t feel up to practicing. Whatever. I’m hopeful that he says something that will make me laugh and make for a good story…and not something totally non-freak-out’ish.

Anywho – it’s been quite the day and now we’re heading over to the party but pre-cocktails at my parents house with the Schultz’s and my aunt and uncle before the big evening event. It’ll be fun – see lots of familiar faces from over the years, I’m sure.

I also slapped a second coat of paint on the closet doors this morning, Jon replaced the burnt out taillight in my car and bought the proper size of bolt for the closet door pulls that I finally purchased the other day. So, tomorrow I’ll go and trim the mats to the right size, put the stuff into frames and we’ll have artwork on the walls. With the decal and those framed prints up, our nursery will OFFICIALLY unofficially be complete. I did order a crib skirt today from amazon.com that should be here super soon. At least I think I ordered it. Need to check now. And need to go convince Jon to hurry since we’re currently 7 minutes late for pre-party.

Til later,


One thought on “Turns Out There’s a Reason…

  1. In reference to the room arrangement……..as soon as she arrives…….everything will revolve around her anyway…..so the furniture will take care of itself!

    I get tired hearing how much you accomplish in one day…….amazing I say! How will you know when you get that “burst” of energy? Looking forward to seeing your home……especially when the furniture is revolving around that little special someone that I love already!

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