33 Weeks: Status Update

Just a quick update to stay on track with this. As always, if we were to go with the ultrasound due date, we’re technically at 34 weeks, but…we’re trusting the ‘experts’, remember, so we’ll stick with 33. I got an email this morning from Enfamil (they make baby formula for those non-babiers out there) and it said something about ‘now that you’re 8 1/2 months pregnant’ which made me do some serious math only to realize that yes, indeed, I am 8 1/2 months pregnant (on the TRUE 10 month preggo calendar). Crazy.
Due Date: October 20, 2011.

Baby Developments: She’s just putting on weight and developing her brain these days. And forcing me to the bathroom approximately 19 times per day, on average.

Weight Gain: We’ll know better at tomorrow’s doctor appointment, but we are hovering just under 16 pounds total weight gain for the pregnancy. I expect a few more pounds to be tacked on…so we’re probably around 18 or 19 total pounds gained.

Cravings:  Water, water, water. And cottage cheese. I think I’m in need of calcium (which is why I continue to take the Tums (tu-tum tum TUMS). And fruit. Lots of fresh fruit.

Aversions: All of a sudden, Diet Coke does NOT do it for me at all. Ick. Over it.

Symptoms: More shortness of breath, but nothing too noticeable on my end (just because I’m that out of shape); feeling full extremely fast and not being able to eat that much. Yesterday I was at an account and had a big lunch. It overwhelmed me how full I felt for the rest of the day AND night. Constipation has proved another fun thing rearing it’s ugly head. Back to the stool softeners! Can’t get comfortable. Find myself fidgeting a lot while sitting. I finally slept good again last night, but how I sleep is in direct correlation to where she’s positioned herself in my body. If she’s laying up higher, then I can sleep pretty well. If she focuses her energy lower in any way, sleeping is UN comfortable. But, really, those aren’t symptoms just side effects. Also am noticing a bit of back pain throughout my mid and lower back areas…but I think that’s just from too much sitting and driving and being at a desk.

I am loving: ththe way the house is coming together. My Dad has been in the process of laying new tile in the bathroom that formerly had carpet (wth?!) and my Mom said this morning I may want to re-think the color of paint that I had already slapped on the walls based on the tile floor that I chose. So – we shall see. The bathroom floor getting completed is going to be a GREAT birthday present. I can’t wait! (Big 3-1 is this Monday).

Sleep: See above. But, it’s hit or miss how I sleep. Jon and I have been living in a hotel room together the last two nights and I’m enjoying the expanse of a king size bed, but I miss touching Jon in the middle of the night — a bit of reassurance that he’s there. But, I can get over that if we were to invest in a king size bed. It’s kind of nice to feel like you’ve got all that room to yourself.

I miss: wearing a regular bra and feeling okay about it; wearing heels; button up pants (non-elastic waist ones); realizing that the body I had pre-baby was alright compared to feeling like a man with an odd shaped beer gut.

I am looking forward to: my birthday weekend, a long weekend at home and getting some things done around the house, cooking out on my birthday, getting the house ready for the shower on the 17th and the shower on the 17th. Also, looking forward to Molly and Bob’s Baby Nolan’s entrance into the world in the next three weeks!

I am spazzing about: Not much, really. Things on my mind include Jon passing his CCO test tomorrow, getting the house and the yard into a state I’m proud to present to friends and family in a few weeks. I called and figured out the tour of the hospital thing (come on in, we’ll show you around, they say). We have childbirth class in a week for the ENTIRE day. I also feel a bit guilty about the fact that it’s been over a MONTH since I walked through a grocery store and put more than two items into a cart.

Best moment of the week: getting the tile project going in the house and having my Dad, brother and Mom working on it for me. What a great present!!

Milestones: Getting uncomfortable in my own body count? Yesterday at an account I was uber-fidgety sitting there and the director, Jason, says “do you want a different chair maybe?” and I responded “No, just a different body would help.” He laughed, but I’m serious. Running out of room inside for her to sit and for me to sit.

Movement: While the party at 10 p.m. has moved slightly earlier, we’re now on a 7 a.m. party kick, too. I feel like if that keeps up when she’s born, I could handle it. I’m sure I miss the parties while I’m sleeping, because when I wake up to pee (one of the 19 times) she’s moving all around.

It’s a….: GIRL! (I hope – I commented the other day that wouldn’t that just rock my world if she weren’t a girl after all?)

Exercise: Not doing so swell.

Diet: Not terribly hungry, really. And get full fast, so even if I eat crap, I’m not eating much of it.

Boobs & Belly Button: I don’t think my chest has gotten any bigger lately, but that may be due to the bras actually fitting and having a little room to grow into. The belly button is Goals for the upcoming week: Finish, finish the nursery. Thank you notes written for the shower.

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