The Laying on of Hands: Aunt Lori

To know one thing about me is how fiercely I love my family – my parents, brother and then my immediate family of aunts, uncles, cousins beyond that circle.

Last night, my Mom and I headed to my Aunt Linda’s house for a laying on of hands (my first experience with that) for my Aunt Lori.

My Aunt Lori was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a few years ago and has been battling numbers and chemo and all sorts of stuff since then. She knew that a stem cell transplant would be on her ‘to do’ list to beat the cancer into sub/re mission but it’s come sooner than anticipated. So, this coming Friday begins the actual process of her stem cell transplant.

Ahead of that, last night was a gathering of powerful women (the best kind of powerful — not based on money or earnings potential but on friendship, love and the ability to role model for other women) to pour positive energy, thoughts, prayers and love into my Aunt Lori’s presence. It was a really, really cool thing.

Like I said, it was my first experience with anything like this. And as I sat there, with this neat cross-section of women who my Aunt Lori has impacted over the years, I wanted to capture the positive energy into the room and feed it to my baby girl, just two weeks or so from her debut in the world.

These women and I talked about my Aunt Lori, about why we knew she would win/beat/overcome this awful disease; we laughed about how she is always in control of everything (well, seemingly) and it was powerful stuff.

When I spoke, I just really wanted to communicate (though whether I did this or not, I can’t be sure) how much I want for my Minnie to have my Aunt Lori as an influence in her life, which is just one more in countless reasons that she has to successfully whip this stupid cancer. I mean, my Aunt Lori has been like another Mom in a lot of ways; her daughter, my cousin Amy, is one of my close friends to this day; my Aunt Lori is an in control, powerful woman who really does seem to find a way to balance all of the balls in her life and I think that that has always helped me to have as a role model and I want that for our Minnie.

So, Friday the epic stem cell transplant journey begins in earnest for my Aunt Lori. I don’t know what that means. It may mean that she doesn’t get a chance to meet Minnie until after January some time. I’m just not sure. Her health and recovery is the biggest issue now and Minnie and I, we poured our positive thoughts, energy and prayers out for Aunt Lori last night and we’ll continue to do for her what she’s done for us: act as role models of strength, love, family and friendship while she takes on the fight of her life.


One thought on “The Laying on of Hands: Aunt Lori

  1. Nice thing you gal’s did for her . I will try to keep her in my prayers for Friday. No matter how strong we are , sometimes we need to let go and let God be in charge .I KNOW how much He has helped me through bad times with your grandpa .

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