The 38 Week Ultrasound (and other random thoughts)

I convinced the doctor to send me for a final ultrasound on Monday. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Do you think that this baby is too big to guarantee NOT having a C-section?”

Dr. Ahmad: “You have a nice, average-sized baby.”

Me: INTERNAL DIALOGUE ‘there is nothing average about my baby, sir, she is excellent at everything’

Me, out loud: ‘Oh’

Dr. Ahmad: “And, let’s chat. There is a 50/50 chance of any woman’s first child being born via C-section. There are three reasons for this: 1) You dilate but the baby doesn’t drop; 2)The baby drops, but you don’t dialate; 3)The baby doesn’t like contractions and its heart rate drops, so we get it out of a situation it doesn’t like. Anyone who tries to tell you the odds of C-section are less than 50/50 is lying to you.”

Me: ‘Oh, ok. So, you think that I won’t have a C-section because the baby is too big, though?”

Dr. Ahmad, laughing: “You really want another ultrasound. Ok. No big deal.”

And with that, I headed out. I was able to finagle the women at the desk to ask for an appointment THAT DAY. And it worked out, despite their misgivings. It was important to me for Jon to see that before she arrived. I think it’s a cool thing and I just wanted to share that sneak peek with him. And Mondays are the only day of the week that he’s home.

Now, don’t tell Jon I managed that just for him. He doesn’t read this blog anyway, so I can put it out there that I mainly did it for him.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding?

I wanted to see what she was up to. It’d been a long time since I’d seen her. 13 weeks or so. I was in need of a pick me up.

So, Jon and I spent the afternoon out to lunch, which was awesome. And then at the ultrasound. And there was our Minnie, just sucking away on her hand like she was STAHVING, DAHLING. No question about it, this chick is advanced. (Ok, I just called my daughter a chick, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t like the way it felt coming off my tongue (again, not that I’m saying all of this out loud, but you know, I didn’t even like the way it sounded in my head)). So, anyway, the ultrasound tech said that she should take well to breastfeeding — she’s got the sucking thing down pat. I mean, she didn’t move her hands from her face hardly at all, though we did get a few cute pics. The ultrasound tech said it’s harder to get good face pictures since she’s down so far in my pelvis now (YES!).

So, we got a sneak peek of our Minnie Mason.

And she has Jon’s lips. I’ve thought this for some time, but I definitely think it now. We’ll see how right I am.

That has sort of kept me happy for a few days now…but I’m still remaining optimistic that this little girl of ours could come sooner rather than later.

She measured at 38 weeks exactly on Monday, which would put us at 38 weeks, two days today. Which means that we’re within two weeks of our due date, one way or another. And, that she is officially full term and will be most likely healthy and happy when she’s born (tomorrow?).

I have a hair appointment and dentist appointment scheduled in the next five days that I’m hoping I can make it to, because then I’d be set for at least two months with my hair and six months with my teeth and that’d be a relief, to squeeze those two events in.

I’m also feeling pretty good about the way I’m wrapping up work-related projects and getting those handed off. Just need to be a bit more diligent for a few days and I’m feeling good about the prospects and having everything as wrapped up as I can before I go out on leave.

I can’t wait for Minnie to get here. I’m not very patient or good at being out of control…so this is really an exercise in humility for me…this waiting game.

As I walked out of Dr. Ahmad’s office on Monday, he said “If you have questions, please ask me. Every woman you know is going to try to tell you what they think is truth…and there are a lot of myths out there…so just ask me and I’ll tell you the truth.”

I assured him that I don’t pay any mind to these crazy women I know — and that I’m really planning on just following his lead or whoever’s on call when I head in to deliver this Minnie girl.


One thought on “The 38 Week Ultrasound (and other random thoughts)

  1. From what I have read and what you have said……I really like your Dr! Seems to be a straight shooter. I like that he/she encourages your questions and talks about myths of childbirth and pregnancy. That is somewhat rare I think. I like the feeling I get when I hear you talk about your conversations………he/she doesn’t seem to talk down to you or give off a “silly question” vibe……there are no silly questions!

    I’m getting very excited to meet her……and learn her name! It won’t be long now! Man oh man I hope I can be there…..I can’t even tell you how much! Glad you had a nice afternoon with Jon and things are getting wrapped up. This is going to be awesome! Love you! Aunt/Great Aunt Jenny

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