36 Weeks, One Day: Status Update

Hard to believe, just a month until “Minnie” is due to arrive. I’m seriously hoping for an earlier-rather-than-later arrival…but she’ll come when she’s ready. I’m having some Braxton Hicks contractions more regularly now and my back is KILLING me most of the time, unless I’m standing up. Which makes sitting here typing this extremely uncomfortable.

Jon is working out of town, 12 hour days, 6 days a week. I mentioned last night that it’s sort of boring being here alone without him…I haven’t been home alone like that in a long time and not in this house. He said not to worry, that I”ll have a ‘little buddy’ in less than a month.


My brother, Trevor, came over yesterday and we had a little photo session of our own. Here’s a photo treat from the day. I haven’t dug through them all (still learning how to use Lightroom) but, here I am at 36 weeks. Ugh, fat. But, feel like my hair looked decent.

Due Date:
October 20, 2011. (Keep in mind, 10/13/11 was the last ultrasound due date and 10/27/11 is the last possible day that she will arrive, one way or another).

Baby Developments: Yesterday, I tried to update this page and this part was where the computer tripped me up, so I got frustrated and stopped. Not today. I’m out foxing the computer, friends. Pretty much, our Minnie is nearing full term, is adding weight at a rate of about a half ounce per day, and is shedding the vernix and the lanugo that have kept her warm for the last eight+ months. Her lungs are very nearly ready to breathe all on their own – she’s just practicing breathing in all the junk in the womb, which is why baby poop is black and icky the first few days (it’s called meconium, glad they gave it another name other than poop).

Weight Gain: Still holding at the 22 pounds total. I may have dropped a pound or two since that weigh-in (I found the scale here at home and did weigh myself…not pretty). While I feel good about gaining only 22 pounds, still, that’s 22 POUNDS FOLKS. Carrying an extra 22 pounds around as part of your body you can’t set down wreaks havoc…on your back, your joints, etc. So, while I feel good about it, I’m ready for it to go away now.

Cravings: I’m on a yogurt partfait kick as well as still really, really enjoying Twizzlers. Weird, but I’ll take it.

Aversions: Nothing in particular. Except that the smell of cigarette smoke is just about the most disgusting thing I can think of. I’ve begun asking people who smoke and are then sitting near me to go change their clothes when possible, because it just is such an icky smell. Never bothered me incredibly before the way it does now.

Symptoms: Severe back pain right in the middle of my back. Hot compresses, pressure, etc., have been working. I think it’s partly due to the fact that I want SO BADLY to sleep on my stomach and all night I end up in some weird contortion in bed, which turns my back midway up, where it ends up hurting the rest of the day. Less discharge than I have had lately and more Braxton Hicks contractions.

I am loving: feeling moderately well-prepared, our relatively clean house and the knowledge that we’re like a month from having our girl home with us!

Sleep: Actually, I slept super good last night and have been sleeping really well lately. Jon is out of town, so I’ve had the bed to myself which is nice in some ways, but I miss having Jon here all the same. But, because I find it so hard to find a comfortable position, it’s easier to find something that works when I have the run of the bed.

I miss: I would love to have a glass of wine, to feel good about my body and to wear pants that don’t have an elastic waist.

I am looking forward to: having a baby!

I am spazzing about: work stuff and preparing to hand it all off in the next few weeks.

Best moment of the week: Feeling completely and utterly fulfilled at the shower last weekend. I took that moment to absorb the love and generosity that entered our home and tried to burn it to my memory. It was so, so special.

Milestones: Nothing much to report.

Movement: Yes, less movement, but more pronounced when it is there. Less rolling movements and more jabbing movements. The movements are getting smaller, because she’s getting bigger and there’s only so much room this momma can provide inside the womb.

It’s a….: GIRL!

Exercise: Have been going for two-mile walks the last few mornings, and that has felt phenomenal.

Diet: Moderate.

Boobs & Belly Button: Going to try to get nursing bras this weekend. Think I need to go with both 40C and 38C. I’m bigger up top than I realized and the bras are getting a little tight. The belly button is still an innie and while it’s stretched pretty wide, it’s still in.

Goals for the upcoming week: Get the house put together, organize the bathroom cupboards and linen closets; laundry; vacuum, general house cleaning.


One thought on “36 Weeks, One Day: Status Update

  1. Congrats on ALMOST being at the end!! I’m 21 weeks…and currently freaking out about weight gain! I don’t want to gain anymore than 25 pounds…less if it works out that way…but I guess it will be what it will be…

    Also? When I start on with the weight gain my husband is always, “You know you’ll drop at least ten pounds in the delivery room.”

    Thanks, dear.

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