Remembering My Good Fortune

I’ve been meaning to write this post for several days now. See, it occurred to me that all my whining, pissing and moaning wasn’t making me seem very zen about this whole pregnancy thing. And while zen may be a stretch (nothing zen about heaving this front-heavy body from bed to go to the bathroom for the 80th time each night), it did occur to me the other day that I need to capture how FORTUNATE I feel to be able to do this…be pregnant…right now.

Jon and I are excited to be becoming parents together, which is what both of us have wanted all along. And yesterday – his one day off a week for the time being – he and I had an awesome day.

Out for lunch, good discussion about life, current events, the pending labor and delivery.

We had a great afternoon together, we napped before he had to leave and head back to work last night. It was all around a feel-good day for me.

And while I feel like I’ve done an inordinate amount of bitching here at the end, it really isn’t that bad that I feel like I need to bitch about it…without at least praising the other parts, too.

I wouldn’t characterize myself as ‘loving’ being pregnant…but again, I feel like my body was just sort of meant to do this, it was built for this. I’ve had a very asymptomatic experience – I’m grateful for that. I’m optimistic that I’ll have an uneventful labor and delivery experience.

Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve managed to purchase a home and – more important – make it FEEL like a home. I’ve managed to grow – IN. MY. BODY. – another small human. I’ve managed to not give myself a hall pass at the dining table and have gained less than 25 pounds through this process, which I feel decent about. I’ve continued to be my semi-active self. I’ve spent time with my friends and family and enjoyed the journey of pregnancy and pending motherhood with my dearest girlfriends (though I am now seemingly the last girl standing when it comes to pregnancy…).

Anyway, I am just really thankful that I’ve had such a great experience of being pregnant. I wouldn’t change anything about it. I can’t believe that I’ve been cataloging this journey for nearly 40 weeks. This portion is nearing its end.


But, that just means that meeting Minnie is right around the corner. And I, for one, can’t wait.

But she can cook a little longer in there, she can hold out as long as she wants. As long as she’s happy and healthy, I’m good with letting her hang out for another few days. (Note to Minnie: I said a FEW days).

I’m a lucky girl. I have a man who loves me who I love, and we both really, really enjoy each other’s company. I have a fabulous family who I’ve been able to share this phenomenal ride with. I have friends who are journeying this motherhood path with me, too. And I’ve been healthy and happy throughout the last 38 or so weeks, too.

So, I know I’m lucky. I’m lots of things.

And I’m also – just about – DONE being pregnant!


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