Making Dinner

I have to say that I feel unusually lucky with the way things are going thus far.

Tonight, we hosted Jon’s Mom, Dad, brother and (almost) sister-in-law (technicalities at this point, really) for dinner. Jon’s Dad is heading in for surgery on Thursday and the week is full of preparation for the procedure. I wanted to be sure we had a nice dinner before that happened, so I offered yesterday to have dinner over here tonight.

I will say this, it’s not as easy as I make it out to be in my head, hosting a dinner ‘party’. But, I felt like I was pretty close to being both me and Elle’s Mom all at the same time tonight and I felt good about that.

I made a chicken parmesan that is DELICIOUS, potatoes, noodles, green beans, beets and set what I believe to be a beautiful table. (If I had more than eight seconds to write this post before our Minnie calls, I’d post the pics of the table that I took).

The last two days have reaffirmed why this house, in this place, at this time, is the right place for us to be. Yesterday I had a friend from college over, a friend’s husband and older son over to watch football, Jon’s brother to watch football, then Andrea and Drew came over too. It was a full house and a fun day and it was so lovely to feel our house come alive. It was everything I envisioned for myself and our little family — and more. And while there are pieces of furniture that I want and things I desire to add to my home, yesterday and today made me…well, frankly…happy. I feel so fulfilled. This is what I wanted my life to be like right now. What a nice realization to come to on a Sunday evening, after a glass of wine with some jazz playing in the background (I shit you not, I turned on the jazz channel in our music-on-demand…seemed like the right thing to do).

I wore an apron and Jon wore a sweater and we used a tablecloth and my nice, matching dishes and the not-plastic salt and pepper. What can I say – it was a great weekend for us.

Now, as for Elle, she rocks. She fusses a bit here and there (why not?!) but she’s great. She’s my girl. She’s sleeping in about three hour stretches…and I can’t complain about that (though you might catch me complaining). She seems overwhelmingly, exceptionally normal (the exceptional part is where I’m placing the emphasis) which makes me very, very happy.

I also want to enter into the record the fact that Jon is awesome – he’s seriously a wonderful, engaged, doting, caring father and it’s more than I knew to expect from him. He loves his daughter so much and it makes my heart swell that both of them are — for brief flashes in time — mine.

As an oh-by-the-way I’ve ended my time with the breastfeeding exercise and am feeling only slight guilt over this choice. And, do I have stories to tell about hemorrhoids…

But not tonight, because tonight, I’m only talking about the things that make me exceedingly happy. And Elle and Jon are it – so I’m headed their way.



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