Well, That Was Weird

Yesterday was sort of a hectic day around here, for me, for us.

I got up and ready and looked moderately presentable for the local Rotary meeting. I participated in the Leadership Academy in September and October and was asked if I would be interested in joining Rotary at the last of the leadership events. I was! It’s always been my intent to be more involved in my community and this provided the best way to start. You have to start somewhere, right?

So, I was at the Rotary meeting while Jon hung out at home with Elle. I did sneak in a quick coffee stop at Molly’s to see her and Nolan before coming home.

I had some errands to run (see yesterday’s “Call of Duty” post) and did that before coming home, baking cupcakes as a sweet treat to take to a new group of Under40s/GenXY’ers that was put together to try to become more engaged with the local community as well, specifically to engage people my own age, in the same relatively place in their lives as me.

It was a great meeting, the cupcakes were a success and I met some great people (which is secretly why I wanted to pursue this group – it’s not easy to make friends as a grown up, and I thought this would be a great way to put myself out there and meet some new people!).

Anyway, the weird part was when we went around and introduced ourselves and gave a quick five minute bio/introduction. Well, I started off by saying that indeed I was a Mom, that my daughter, Elle, was three and a half weeks old and home with her Dad. And while I feel like I was born to do this Mom thing, it was weird to say ‘my daughter’, ‘Elle’ and ‘I’m a Mom’ out loud to a room of folks I did not know, and that it was the first thing I wanted them to know about me. It felt natural to introduce myself that way, but completely foreign to HEAR it in my voice.

I liked it, but it was still weird.

Can’t wait to do it again!

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