Month One of Motherhood

Elle is one month old today (which brings up my confusion over 1 month versus four weeks old…but as I told a friend, if you have only four weeks in a month, times 12 months, you only end up with 48 weeks, and we all know there’s 52 weeks in a year…).

Anyway, I digress already. My baby is one month old!! How crazy is that?! It’s crazy, people. I’m a MOM to a ONE MONTH OLD baby girl!!

In the first month of motherhood, I’ve learned:

…greater respect for my friends who have been parents for years before me.

…greater respect for my mother, especially last night when it struck me that there will be times when I try so hard to do the best/right/fun thing for Elle and she’ll hate it (or me, by proxy).

…not to be grossed out when baby poop ends up in random spots on my person.

…that you really can keep yourself up listening for breathing.

…bucking the system (I lay Elle to sleep on her stomach sometimes!!) is frightening.

…SIDS was invented to do nothing more than increase the guilt felt by normal, well-adjusted mothers and fathers everywhere.

…my baby’s coos and grunts are funny and lovely and one of my favorite parts of the days these days.

…it’s one of the great treats of timing and fate to have girlfriends who are in the same proverbial ‘boat’ with infants of their own.

…Huggies are better diapers for us than Pampers – they fit around her legs better than the Pampers do.

… orders of diapers and other essentials are all I need.

…I thought I needed to have EVERY thing for baby and that I’d be some type of invalid after I had the baby…I’m glad to get out of the house and look for those ‘excuse purchases’ to get out of the house and see what’s going on in the world.

…I have a vested interest in my local community now and I really am enjoying the path I’m starting down to positively impact my daughter’s life in the community in which she’ll (likely) grow up.

…Having a committed partner in the parenting trip is essential and I’m grateful for the way Jon just steps up and into hanging out with his baby girl.

…Other people and things, while remaining important, don’t hold a candle to devoting time and energy to my baby.

…Online blogs, facebook, and sites like snapfish and shutterfly are life savers. And amazon. I can do most things from my desk at home, which rocks (except for that need of human contact that I have).


In four weeks, I’ve learned that Elle is a gassy baby (she’ll be glad I’m capturing this for all the world to know, some day). I’ve learned that she has come to like baths, that she likes pressure on her belly, that she dislikes burping (though this leads to the need for pressure on her belly), that she is a lazy-ass eater, falling asleep through every feeding, then waking up shortly after she realizes you’ve been fooled into putting her into her bassinet and being PISSED OFF that she’s not still eating. She forgets she’s eating a lot of the time, which leads to her leaking formula EVERYWHERE.

Most recently, she’s getting better at knowing that it’s day when it’s day and night when it’s night. She is more alert and likes looking around at things, likes her activity mat (though I think there’s not enough entertaining toys on the thing, personally, but that’s just my revelation).

I find it difficult, trying to capture pictures of her every day or close to it.

And it’s incredible how much she’s changed and how I thought she looked JUST like Jon at first and now, as I get to know her, how she looks, well, like HER.

And while it’s early yet in this journey and it’s contrary to what you hear, I feel like Jon and I’s relationship has grown better and stronger since she came into the world.

Anyway, it’s just crazy that it’s been a month with her in our lives. I just feel like she was meant to be here and that I was born to do this Mom thing. Loving it.

Happy Birthday, Elle!

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