Sesame Street Morning

It’s going by so quickly, the life of Elle.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment (more about that in a moment) for my first check-up after delivery. I got up and got ready and Jon – who is unfortunately still laid off, but fortunately still a full-time Dad – was downstairs with Elle.

And I wish that I’d captured on video the exchange I heard as I stood at the top of the stairs, thinking I really needed to dry my hair.

She was cooing and gurgling in her too-cute-for-words voice and Jon was talking to her about…frankly, I don’t remember what.

And I walked downstairs to head to the car and saw that the two of them were watching Elmo and Sesame Street.

I know the day will come when I have had enough Elmo and enough Sesame Street, but that day is far off and yesterday morning, it made my heart literally grow to see them watching my old classic standby.

When I got home in the afternoon, I asked Jon, “Sesame Street, huh?” and his response?

“Yeah, she really liked it!”

How does that NOT make your heart grow bigger?


I had my six-week check-up with Dr. Ahmad yesterday.

Evidently, the ‘wound’ still is not completely healed so I’m to take it easy (ha, right!) and I told him about the awful-ness of my B.M. situation, so he wrote me a prescription for that, too.

I also got a new prescription for birth control. I didn’t debate at all which method to go on…I really like the ease and convenience of the NuvaRing…so, back to that prescription I go. While I dislike very much taking medicine all the time, I also would dislike very much being pregnant again right now (not that I’m cleared for any of that action anyway – my ‘wound’ is still on the mend). So, it seems the birth control is the preferred method of not being pregnant. There you have it.


Several weeks ago I determined that hauling our newborn baby around town to all the holiday festivities that would be on the list was NOT something I wanted to do. Instead, I wanted to host Thanksgiving at OUR house and have everyone come to us.

I did this knowing that my Mom’s family doesn’t really get together on Thanksgiving anymore (Christmas extravaganza instead) and that my Dad’s side is a manageable size, too. I also hedged on the assumption that Jon’s extended family wouldn’t want to come to our house (why, I don’t know. I throw a fabulous party!). I figured there would be a handful of us scattered about and have a very laid back, casual Thanksgiving. And it will be all of those things.

Only, we’ll be having a very laid back, casual Thanksgiving for 40 people!


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