Dear God, Why Do My Inner Thighs Hurt?

So, it is now six weeks after delivering our fabulous baby girl. And she’s great.

My body, on the other hand…it’s amazing how all of a sudden you realize what a demand pregnancy and delivery put on your body. Ok, maybe not all of a sudden, but I appreciate my pre-pregnant body in a way that I can’t quite capture.

Oh, but I’ll try.

I can no longer get up off the couch or out of a chair easily. It’s not like I’m uber-chubby right now or anything. I just have. no. abs. And it turns out, I had them before (despite what I may have thought!). Seriously, going without doing ANY crunches paired with the fact that your abdominal wall is sort of ripped apart during pregnancy, they are not what they once were.

So, my inner thighs hurt, I have decided, because I have to use THEM to get up out of a chair, in and out of the car, etc., instead of using my abs. I need to make a concerted effort for this to change because my inner thighs, while certainly in need of the workout, are CONSTANTLY sore.

I Google’d this information and found this link about abs. But the article wanted me to learn about anatomy before telling me how to make my abs come back together and work in a way that makes the rest of my body ache less…and I’m not interested in anatomy so much as I am, well, having abs again.

Anyway, I’ve come to my own medical conclusion that this is why my inner thighs hurt. These are the things that NO ONE TELLS YOU and would be helpful to know about, just as a general heads up.


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