Christmas Decor-ing…with a Six Week Old Infant

I’ve been attempting now since Saturday to get my Christmas decorations out around our new house. Being the first year in our new home, I’ve had in my mind what the house was going to look like, how it was going feel..even what it would smell like.


Try doing that with a six week old infant.



I intended to get everything out and positioned and decorated yesterday. But then, Jon came home early from work due to the weather, so the babysitting plans I’d made were called off and I still had a hair appointment and errands to run. So, my morning of house decorating turned into errand-running. By the time I got home, Jon’s Mom was at our house loving Elle and then offered to bring over dinner (hell yes!) so I pulled out the Christmas bins and began creating the chaos of Christmas decorating, only to be interrupted by wails and the general baby whatnot. And then, the discovery of a mouse who has evidently made his home in my Christmas storage area.


So, needless to say, I abandoned my plans of getting everything decorated over the weekend or even yesterday for that matter, because I knew TODAY would be different.

Last night, Jon and I were sitting in the upstairs living room watching TV and Jon took one look at my 7 foot tall, pre lit, Norwegian pine and said “Ummm,” (this is how many Jon-statements begin when he knows he’s about to say something to throw me for a loop).

“Ummm, maybe we SHOULD get a real tree. That one’s pretty ratty looking.”

YES. Yes it is.

For those of you not keeping track at home, I have wanted to have this as a tradition for our little family, but Jon wasn’t necessarily on board or convinced it was a worthwhile endeavor. But, yesterday he took one look at my fake-as-Target tree and I see a trip to the Christmas tree farm in our very near future!

Anyway, TODAY would be different. I was going to spend the day decorating my house. This, of course, after a mini photo shoot with my girl and a quick Kinect Biggest Loser 20-minute workout. Of course today was the day.

Except that girlfriend Elle didn’t get the memo. She doesn’t understand the tradition that we’re starting together, and therefore, whimpered and wailed at various intervals throughout the day.

I had to run errands, so she napped in the car some, but otherwise, she cat napped for five minutes at a time and didn’t allow me much time to decorate the house.

So, I celebrated Day FOUR of Christmas decorating with an infant with the better part of a bottle of cheap wine…which is going to be my undoing as the baby cries begin again!


Good night friends!

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