Women I Know, Chapter One

Tonight begins the Christmas festivities. From here on out, we have something going on every day through the 27th…just a little crazy.

But, tonight I get the great pleasure of celebrating Christmas with my Mom and her girlfriends. She’s had the same group of friends since high school — or before — and I’m so lucky to have them as role models. I know it sounds corny, but I really make an effort with my friends because I see the rewards that long-time friendships have for my Mom and her friends and I WANT THAT.

Not to mention, I really like hanging out with Karen, Kathy and Terri.

The stipulation was that I wasn’t allowed to get them gifts (my Mom says so) because it would just start a whole thing where they feel compelled to now shop for ONE MORE PERSON each year. And I agreed — I really just want the friendship and the warm fuzzies from hanging out with these women I know who have been friends for so long.

So, instead, I got these pictures printed for each of them and put them in a Picasso Peace Dove Christmas card from Elle.


"Their eyesight was no longer what it once was, but they were ALL pretty sure it was a baby..."

ImageSo, there they are. This crazy group of women who I hope I get to be friends with for EONS and the reason why I try so hard to work at the friendships of my own.

Thanks for including me in Christmas at Kathy’s ladies!

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