Why You Put Extra Bags in the Bottom of the Garbage Can…and Other Things My Mother Has Tried to Convince Me Of

Other than the fact that I ended the title of this blog in a preposition (alas, and I was an English major) and the fact that the title is ridiculously long, I feel like I don’t need to write much more…at least for my Mom.

So, since I now live just nine houses from my parents, my Mom is over pretty frequently and was here helping out in the short/long days after Elle came home. It seemed like there was a constant, endless stream of garbage can-emptying going on (as it seems like this happens all the time, but especially then for some reason).

My Mom would chide me that I should put extra bags in the bottom of the garbage can so it was easier.

‘Easier than what?’ I wondered to myself.

I would just nod my head, tell her that it grossed me out (which, frankly, it does) and not do it.

I’ve held steadfastly to my stubborn-ness on this for quite some time. I have NOT placed extra bags in the bottom of my trash cans because it’s not terribly hard to place a new one in the can after you empty the old one.

Well, it turns out, it’s not hard FOR ME.

For Jon, however, it must be impossible.

This is my final day before returning to work (albeit from home for the next six days) and I’ve spent it hanging out with Elle and, while she’s napping (currently) I have dismantled the Snow Village gifted to me by my Aunt Lori and nearly caught up with laundry.

Pretty successful day.

I decided to finish putting away the dry goods that I got last night at the grocery store (I was too lazy to do it last night, trying to soak up my final moments with my baby instead). I remembered that I had purchased the smell-good garbage bags (if you’re interested, the Glad ForceFlex with Febreze freshness Lemon Scent).

Jon had emptied the garbage can/diaper pail in Elle’s room on Monday in advance of garbage day Tuesday. It is now Thursday. He did not put a new bag in the diaper pail, so it’s just all poopy/peey diapers touching the ACTUAL SIDES (gasp) of the pail.

So, I gave in.

I couldn’t handle it anymore, folks.

Putting a garbage bag INTO the can is one step too many for Jon (and, I’m guessing, my father, my brother and any other men we may know). So, I took that step out of the process.

Now the question becomes: Is pulling the bag up and securing it around the rim of the can ALSO too much?

Disclaimer: I love Jon to bits, but as I had a free moment and I just had this thought, I figured someone out there may laugh at this…and decide that extra bags in the bottom of the can is just one place to not hold tight to your gag-reflex against it.


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