My Three Month Old’s First Day of “School”

I am calling it school (or skew-el, a la Eric Cartman thank you, South Park) because day care sounds hideous. And, she’s learning things. I hope. I fear. I swear.

And today was her first day of ‘school’.

Cue requisite first day of school picture…

I actually decided on her first day of school outfit last week, on Thursday. Because I’m trying to get in a habit/routine that will work whether I’m traveling for work (vomit in my mouth) or not, I’m trying to make it work when I’m here to see what I need to remember to communicate to Jon when I’m NOT here.

So, I have taken to the Ziploc-Bag-Method. This requires five 1-gallon Ziploc bags and a permanent marker. I labeled each bag “Monday”, “Tuesday”, etc., through Friday.

On Sunday, I chose all her outfits for the week and packed in each days bag:

– Pants or tights
– Onesie/Sweater
– Coordinating socks
– Bib

And since today was her first day of school, we delved into the Monday bag and pulled out this too-cute (from Grandma Wendy) brown jumper with cream collared onesie and cream leggings with bows on the backs of the ankles. And pink socks (had to have SOMETHING pink, the brown felt a bit drab for a first day of school choice).

I felt like she looked cute (which, um, when DOESN’T she?!) and that other Mom’s dropping their kids off at day care would think ‘wow, she is one well dressed baby’. (Why, why, why do I even care?! But, I do).

I stayed for about 40 minutes talking with Miss Crystal, Elle’s teacher. I was, as I have been, completely comfortable leaving her. I knew I had work to do, and I knew the sooner that I put in my day of work the sooner I could go get my girl from ‘school’ (again, it sounds like Eric Cartman in my head every time I say it).

And then, it was into my office and a full day of phone calls and digging through emails from the last 12 weeks.

And I – gasp – enjoyed my time doing that. I enjoyed the coffee I got to make and drink and enjoy. I enjoyed taking a bathroom break and not listening intently for a wail from the other room.

I didn’t even cry leaving her there.


I didn’t.

It was bizarre. I was totally ok with her spending this time with people other than us. I think that Jon and I both feel really comfortable with the setup – three days a week at school, one day with his parents, one day with mine.

So, I go to pick her up shortly after 4 p.m. and notice that she is NOT wearing the same clothes I sent her to school in.

She was instead wearing some leopard print pants (I know, right?) that did NOT match her outfit. In my head, the extra outfits I sent would be changed wholesale if she got yucky, so that she’d still look cute. Lesson learned. But, my baby girl is now wearing a ridiculous¬† combination of a Baby Gap jumper in brown with gray and pink leopard printed pants.

Uh Oh.

We all know what that means.

Massive blow out.

In. Cream. Leggings.

Awesome first impression, girlfriend!

The teachers seemed to sort of shyly tell me that they ran the pants under water and put some Dreft on them (really, Dreft? Like that gets ANYTHING out of clothes?? This ‘shit’ requires Oxi-Clean — and some serious soak time.)

But, other than the massive blow out, she was HAPPY. The manager of the school said when I walked in the door that Elle was happy every time you walked in the room. She said that the teachers were really enjoying her.

Score, my kid’s already sucking up!

She seemed different, smarter to me already. She seemed to talk more and seemed to be reaching out for objects instead of just holding on when her hand happened to run into them. I mean, maybe some of that’s just dumb luck that she managed to show off to me, but I swear that being around some of the other kids in the infant room had her picking things up.

So cool.

The hardest part of today was actually when I pulled into the parking lot to pick Elle up…because I realized that I HAD missed her a lot all day, but had been busy doing work-stuff and what was important to me was to be both of those things. And I am SO GLAD that I can do it ‘all’. And that Elle gets to go to school.


And that is super cool.


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