Motivation in Cleaning out my Planner

I just began trying to get my office cleaned up and organized to make the working at home days more effective and less cluttered. So, I started with getting the office put back together.

Whew, that feels better.

Then, I started cleaning out my planner. It’s interesting, I found pictures that I put in the front after my Grandma died of the last cookies we made together, a picture of the sunrise on Clear Lake in the fall, and a photo of me, Jon, Rick & Jen at Halloween a few years ago. And some school pictures of my cousins Hudson and Lucy that are a few years old.

But, the coolest thing I found were the scraps of paper that I’ve collected with inspiring quotes or insightful messages I received.

Herewith, the introduction page of my planner, collected from shards of paper over the last seven years. In the order I pulled them out of my planner…

My Grandma told me this the summer she died. It sounded profound, so I jotted it on a sticky note and taped it into my planner. I like that it looks a little weathered. And the tape is still stuck.

If you don’t know Sister Ardeth and Sister Carol, learn more about them. Though I don’t keep it in my planner, this is another favorite from Sister Carol:
“Lastly, a few words about fear. I don’t fear going to prison. I don’t fear loss of freedom to move about. I don’t even fear death. The fear that fills me is not having lived hard enough, deep enough and sweet enough with whatever gifts God has given me.” The quote that I keep with me was in a letter that Ardeth and Carol sent to me after I’d written to them. I was lamenting the loss of my Grandma and how I leaned on her for advice, and how I didn’t know what she would think and I missed that. Their advice to take my time, to know myself…pretty good stuff.



Ah, a lost love. He wrote this in a letter to me and it struck me. I felt exactly the same way and I think so many of us feel this way about love that crosses our path, if it was ever good or true or real.

This makes me laugh at myself. This is probably a statement I live by…which means that I have impossibly high standards for the people who are in my world. Like I’m doing them a favor! HA! Don’t I seem self-important?

My Aunt Jill sent this to me some time between the time my grandparents died and the days she nearly died. This one, from my oh-beautiful-Aunt Jill, is how I feel about my family – because I’ve got one hell of an anchor.

I listened to the president of Saginaw Valley State University give his state of the University speech one year when I was working there. And I heard this and thought ‘wow, that was pretty cool’ so I looked up the speech a few days later and added this into my planner. I’ve always thought Dr. Gilbertson was a really neat guy — moreso after he invited me to one of his monthly dinner ‘mixers’ and I sat next to him and a woman who was sent to a Siberian concentration camp during World War II and escaped to Israel before eventually coming to America. Such a cool evening.

And this, just a reminder I’ve kept of how to try to be a leader.


Anyway — there’s a little insight into this mind of mine and the things that make it ponder the rest of the world and existence.

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