Something Good Day

I said I’d tell you something good today, and since you’ve been so patient, I am rewarding you.

You’re welcome.

Actually, I think I’ll tell you as much good stuff as I can think of…mainly so you can remind me of this someday (sooner rather than later, probably, when I’ll need it!).


Good Thing 1: Realizing that my baby girl laughs like the dickens (what the heck does that MEAN anyway?) when I do crunches and count them out loud. This was a discovery made tonight. I had her on her tummy on my knees while I did 100 crunches. That’s like two good things together — I did (that’s how you have to say it, slowly, three full syllables…it’s not easy, it’s and Elle LAUGHED A LOT. Which made me laugh a lot. Which is like another ab workout in itself, so that was THREE good things, all wrapped up in one good thing.

Good Thing 2: I enjoyed my day at work, in a meeting, learning something. I did not miss my baby (gasp, I know) and I was thrilled to see her when I got her from school. It was like I was a professional woman with a grasp on what needed to be happening with work and I was a woman who could finally contribute in conversations about children. All around good.

Good Thing 3: I had a Werther’s Original in the meeting. And I don’t care WHO you are, Werther’s are pretty great.

Good Thing 4: Despite my antiquated computer set up and my general sense of helplessness with Andrea’s loss, I did manage to scan and edit over 75 pictures and put together a slideshow for them to have and use at the viewing and service. It’s kind of a crappy reason to do a good thing, but I’m glad that I can do something that makes me feel like I can help in my small way.

Good Thing 5: I FIT in my pre-baby work pants this a.m. The shirt was a new-buy one size bigger (ugh, really??) but at least I wasn’t uncomfortable. And I did those crunches, so I’m well on my way to…oh, who am I kidding. But, at least I felt like I looked alright at work today.

Good Thing 6: Elle is seemingly into a night-time routine that has her in bed by 9 p.m. each night, sleeping until sometime between 1:30 and 3, and waking up for a bottle and sleeping for another three-plus hours. Sa-weet.

Good Thing 7: Jon and I are heading out on the town Saturday night for a birthday party, have a baby sitter lined up (thanks Mom!) and are looking forward to enjoying a night out with friends sans our girly. I think it’ll be a really, really great thing for us to do.


So, there you have it. Seven something goods.


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