Dear Elle: You’re Four Months Old

Dear Elle:

You’re four months old!

How crazy is that?! Really crazy, I’ll tell you.

In the last few weeks, you’ve discovered that your feet are attached to you, continue to find your hands, and the way they fit together, fascinating. You have these hilarious belly laughs where you’re just laughing and laughing for no particular reason, which makes me laugh, which makes you laugh harder. It’s awesome.

You are a fabulous sleeper and have even managed to sleep all the way through the night a few times. When you do get up, it’s about once a night between 2 a.m. and 3:30 a.m., and you just want a new diaper and a bottle.

In the last month, I returned to work and to traveling over night on the road. Ugh. It totally stinks. I hate it. I hate it a lot. I have been away from you for two nights in a row twice now (including as I write this) and while being away from you is difficult, it’s the coming home and seeing all the things you’ve learned and all the small ways you’ve changed in the short time I’ve been gone. I know we have a whole lifetime ahead of us, but it bums me out to miss these little days and moments with you. I have this fear that I’ll return home from travel one day and you’ll have teeth, you’ll have started rolling over, you’ll have started crawling, you’ll have started walking, you’ll have started talking. Ugh. I need to find a job that allows me to be closer to you consistently.

Your first Valentine’s Day and your four month birthday coincide and you wore heart leg warmers and heart tights to school. Oh, and you LOVE school. You love your teachers and the other kids in your class. I just can’t believe how much you learn each day when you go there, just from being around the other kiddos. I also really like how we get to interact with other parents that we’re meeting at school, too. So many things to look forward to as you grow older and we all get to meet new people!

We went to a pediatric dermatologist about the hemangioma above your eye and you started on propanalol. We go for a follow up with him soon and we went to a pediatric eye doctor this week, too. Wanted to be sure that the hemangioma wasn’t growing into your eye, and it’s not. So, relief. And we get to continue to watch as the mark above your eye goes down. It’s quite incredible – folks don’t comment as much on your birthmark now that it’s not swollen and angry-looking which makes me happy. I just want them to focus on how darn sweet and happy you are!

Your first Valentine’s Day also saw you get lots of presents and cards (spoiled, I’d say) but the coolest thing I think you got was from your Dad. He got you a pearl bracelet and necklace set that is TOO CUTE. It’s seriously so thoughtful of him and I just love watching the ways he grows just by being your Dad.

You love, love, love music and the funniest thing is that we’ve sort of conditioned you that when you get your diaper changed, we push the foot of this Tiger guy on your dresser and we dance to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. For awhile you weren’t interested in it, but you’re back at it now. And you love the music and the dancing and fully expect music and dancing and cheering after diaper changes. You also are a good shopper. We went shopping Sunday with Grandma Wendy, Great Grandma Ruth and Kathy and you were such a good shopper. You just love the new places we go and looking around. You also love Sophie the Giraffe, which is pretty funny. You just tongue that thing and make out with her and it cracks me up.

You were sick for the first time this month and I was out of town for work for part of it. We kept you out of school for a week so you could recover and your cough and congestion went away and you’re back in action. But you were definitely out of commission there for awhile. The RSV was a buggar, but we won that battle. It was awful watching you be sick, but I know that it will all make you stronger in the long run, so I’m glad of it for only that reason. Your cough was so awful, though, that it made my whole body hurt. I wished so bad I could just make it go away – but I couldn’t. But your Dad and I did our best to make sure that you were on the mend as quick as possible.

Bath time is my favorite time of the day with you and you seem to like it an awful lot too. We progressed from the little tub into the real bath tub and we’re getting used to that, too. I’m looking forward to the days you can sit up on your own because it will make it a lot easier for you to play toys, splash and kick, and get cleaned up, too. I really enjoy our time together at baths and even ask your Dad to keep you up a little later when I’m on my way home from work, so that I can share that bath time with you. We’ve got a pretty good routine where I give you your bath and your Dad gets your bottle and medicine ready, and then I put you to bed. It really does work out pretty well and I’m just so glad of the ways that the three of us work together and make our family, well, our family.

Anyway, girly, you are so cool. I just love you tons and think you’re the best. I love the ways you’ve made me and your Dad better and different and the ways that you make us such a neat little family of three. I realized the other day that while work is important to me, and the ways in which I interact with my co-workers is important, so long as I get to go home to you at the end of the day, the trials and tribulations of work are un-important because I’ve got much, much bigger things to worry about. Our family. You.

You keep filling me up, girly.

I love you.



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