These Things Happened This Weekend

It’s crazy how much Elle’s world (and mine!) can change in one weekend.

Yesterday, Elle ate cereal for the first time!

She also tried out a sippy cup with water for the first time (why not?!) and thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

We did cereal again tonight.

She’s loving the spoon and while she’s still kind of getting at it like it’s a bottle, she’s getting the hang of it. And she doesn’t know the kind of mess she can make with this food, yet, so it’s good.



We were at my Mom and Dad’s for coffee this morning, and I was sitting on the floor with her and she was playing toys and just sort of, well, rolled over! I screamed and teared up and my Dad had seen it and we all just laughed and clapped and cheered for her!

Came home and told Jon that she’d done it, too.

So, while she was playing on her blanket and Jon was washing bottles, she did it again. This time, she was in the room by herself and started on her back and wound up on her tummy – so Jon believed it too.

Crazy – we have a roller!

We also got our bedroom nearly completed. We have a few more finishing touches to add, but here are some before photos:


And, here we are tonight…nearly complete. Don’t hate the dark color right now — when I take a photo with the natural light we get in that room, it’ll be even better. I love, love, love the lamps and the pillow I found at HomeGoods and I changed the duvet from the downstairs bedroom to our room and love that, too. I put together the side table on the small window side of the bed from Target. Voila!

Still need to hang our artwork (displayed at the foot of the bed), find some curtains, and add a rug. Then, our bedroom will be complete (our bedroom closets are another story all together, however).



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