Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

…did any of you learn that song back in Brownies?

I think it’s a good way to approach one’s life, don’t you?

Friendships come and go, I have learned this in my 31 years. Sometimes it’s because I wasn’t the kind of friend I ought to have been. Sometimes it’s because the friend I thought I’d found was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes, you lose a phone number and one of you isn’t on Facebook.

But old friends, they keep you strong. They toughen your resilience. They help you to remember that, no matter how far you may go or grow, who you were is and was important – whether to remember how far you’ve come or to reminisce and recall the corners of memory together.

My Mom and her friends – as I’ve written before – are really the model for being and maintaining friends. They are the reason that I make it important and make the effort to find my high school girlfriends each year – in the same time zone and at the same address for at least a 24 hour stretch. It’s why I call and leave phone messages for friends I’ve met along the way who, otherwise, I’d have to know about through their Facebook posts. It’s why I answer the phone when I may be rushing out the door – when it’s the number of an old friend who I miss.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile now, but, well, life keeps creeping into the way.

My Mom and her bestie, Terri, became Grandma’s within four months of each other and Terri’s grandson, Holden, was born on my Mom’s birthday! I knew that they were excited to be Grandma’s together, but I didn’t know how excited.

This picture may explain it all:

Terri and my Mom, with Elle and Holden, giggling at one another saying over and over again ‘can you believe we’re Grandma’s together?!’. It was quite a remarkable sight, I must tell you.

Terri and my Mom got us together for a baby tea party Saturday at Terri’s house. It included chicken salad croissants and orange-blueberry bread of some sort, along with tea and water, of course.

My Mom’s friends Karen and Kathy round out the group that has known each other for – seemingly – forever. Karen became a Grandma in February, too!

Remember this photo, back when Elle was four days old and Drew was four months and Nolan was three weeks?

Welcome to the reality where Elle is the big one! Elle nearly 22 weeks old and Holden at four weeks and Emmie at five weeks!

The coolest part, for me, was to get together with Holden and Emmie’s MOM’S too. Not my best look ever, but at least we captured the moment, I suppose…

Anyway, I think it’s important to keep old friendships healthy but create new ones — for ourselves as women and mothers, and for our children so that they, too, have old friends one day.


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