Catching Up

I have a lot to write about but it’s all random…so, herewith, a bunch of things that have come up/gone on lately…


Elle is sick. AGAIN. I’m really, really struggling with the child care situation, because I know that with day care (aka ‘school’) that she’ll be exposed to lots of germs and stuff. However, I wasn’t prepared for 25% of each month for her to be sick and out of sorts. I haven’t ever thought there was an issue with my child care provider — except that last week when my Mom picked Elle up on Tuesday, they said they thought Elle may have pink eye. However, they waited until the end of the day at pick-up to mention it. In fact, she DID have pink eye — but instead of calling or emailing when they thought it, they waited and exposed all those other kids to potential pink eye. I don’t like that. I don’t like that they’re taking that same approach with other kids who are sick (hello, croup!) and not sending them home either. I understand there will be sickness, but I also think that they can be more proactive in communicating the child’s sicknesses. And – letting me know that there are kids with that sickness in the room, so I can make the decision about sending her to school or not. Is that a lot to ask? I’m new to all this, but it just seems a little unfair that I end up having to scramble to figure out my work/child care situation because they’re not diligent about sickness prevention. I don’t know — thoughts?


Last Tuesday, I was in Chicago for work. I had sent some emails before I left home in the morning, shut down my computer, and gotten to my account where I had several projects to accomplish. I go to turn on my computer — nothing. Not one thing. I call IT. They ultimately tell me that my system board is fried (umm, yeah, my three week old computer) and that because it’s still under warranty, Lenovo will come out and fix it for me. Which was great news, right, except that I was on the road for work. So, I schedule them to come to my home on Thursday when I’m back in home office. I’m to get a call by noon and a technician on site by five p.m. Only, I get no call, so at 12:12 p.m., I phone and they say the part is on back-order. I ask my company’s IT if I should just ship it to the depot to get fixed. They say no – it will still be faster to have a technician fix it, because by the time I ship it, it gets there and they look at it Monday, work on it Tuesday/Wednesday and return ship on Thursday, I won’t have a computer until sometime Thursday of (what is now) this week. Ok – I’ll hold out for Lenovo coming Friday.

They don’t.

Nor do they come Monday.

Nor Tuesday.

And I struggle with what to do. I’m on the phone with Lenovo for the better part of the morning trying to locate the back ordered part. They escalated my case the day prior and are shipping the part directly to my house. Super. But, in the meantime, I can check email via Webmail and I can use my phone. That’s it. And I just took our Business Conduct Policy course and am hesitant to use any cloud-based anything to view/create/exchange documents because I’m fairly certain that’s not copacetic.

I’ve said this to co-workers: The first day or two it was kind of neat, you know, you can’t really do much other than email, so you kind of enjoy it. But now, eight days without a work computer, I’m floundering and feeling overwhelmed because every day that goes by is just one more day that I don’t get the projects on my list done, that the list just keeps getting longer.


The part arrived tonight around 8 p.m. The technician said I’d be his first stop in the morning. We. Shall. See.


I’ve been working like bonkers in my pond to relieve some of my stress. It is three large tiers and the bottom tier is now completely empty. And the overgrowth (hello three weeping junipers or some scrubby bush that wishes it was that) I have completely gotten rid of, I’ve pulled everything but one bush and some (alleged) flowers from between the bottom and middle tier. I took a heavy duty rake to the cattails in the middle level pond and I hosed down all the rocks and got rid of an initial layer of dirt. I have three garbage bags full or red landscaping rocks and one yard waste bag full of just the leaves and decomposing junk that was under the now-five-foot tall pile of juniper branches piled high next to the pond.

I’m actually really, really enjoying working in the yard. It’s going to look SO freaking nice when it’s all said and done, I just can’t wait. I see an end in sight — when it comes specifically to cleaning the thing out.


Elle is now on four different medicines — the one for the hemangioma, a steroid (I think) and an antibiotic (I think) and breathing treatments FOUR TIMES per day. The doctor said it’s all due to the RSV she had several months ago and it’s like asthma except that it’s not asthma because it’s not like she’ll have it forever, it’s just because RSV is so hard on a little person’s lungs and takes so long to heal, so whenever Elle gets a cold, she’ll probably have irritation in the lungs too.

Which brings me to: I’m still seeing the same pediatrician. I was going to switch, but then I tried to call the doctor’s office we were switching to, to get her in for the pink eye last week. And, I called at 9 a.m. They don’t open until 9:30. Not acceptable, I simply called the pediatrician we’ve been with and got in with him. Fine. And I called back to try to figure out a solution/follow-up with the new doc, but it was 1:15 and their office is closed from Noon-1:30 p.m. So, I made a decision right then and there…any doctor I go to as a primary care doc I am taking all they say as medical advice. If it feels right in my gut, we’ll stick with it. If it doesn’t, I’m totally seeking out more opinions. And that’s that. It is important to me to be able to get IN to see the doctor versus who the doctor is — if I can’t get in or even talk to your staff to see about getting in, whether I like the doc or not doesn’t make a big difference.

So, there’s that.

I feel slightly uneasy about it, but…whatever. I just don’t have the energy to deal with thinking about finding someone new again.


Jon is still working on the other side of the state. Ugh. It’s really, really wearing on me. He’s home for 20 hours. This last Sunday, and I know he’s sick too (yes, seriously) but when I got home from my little brother’s college commencement, Jon had the pan from making a french bread pizza with the dirty foil still on the pan. His empty Mountain Dew bottles in the living room. The laundry he’d begun to fold, in some piles, some not folded, in the middle of the living room floor. Some laundry scattered downstairs — or is it clean? not sure — right inside the entry door.


I feel like all I do is try to maintain the semblance of control over the house, the yard, my child, my work, my schedule, my civic commitments, etc. and I just need thismuch help. Not a lot, just a little teeny tiny bit. And when Jon’s home for 20 hours and that’s it — it makes life challenging in many ways. I’m almost more accustomed to him being gone right now than being around — but I miss having him around. I miss him around anyway, but I really miss having that extra set of eyes, ears and hands when it comes to Elle.

Anyway — MEN!


Which brings me to my other confession — I cried today. I was running errands and paying bills this a.m. and went to pay the child care bill, which is overwhelming in itself because I’m battling my insurance company to get my stupid Flexible Spending Dependent Care figured out. I apparently flummoxed them by putting money away for child care despite the fact that Elle is not covered by my same insurance. Really? That’s what did it? So – I was paying that bill and on the way to the day care, I called Jon because I was just overwhelmed. Should we continue to take her to this day care? Should we seek out a different one? Should we look for someone to come to our home? Should we minimize the days she goes to day care? Or increase them? Should we change the schedule we have with Jon’s parents? My parents? Make it easier/different on Elle’s little body to take going to school? How do I address the teachers, the facility manager?

I couldn’t.

I told them when they asked that Elle was sleeping in the car and I didn’t linger like I do some days. I’m so frustrated that I just cried. It’s a lot to think all those things and have no one to bounce them off (Jon is terrible at the phone). So — it’s just a lot. Not to mention that she’s so sick right now, I’m trying to get her to take four different medicines at varying times throughout the day.

Hell – I’m having a hard time just keeping up with which medicines go in the fridge and which ones get taken at what time.

Want to pull my hair out.


In other news – I was shopping/erranding this afternoon and in the store, a woman yelled “Marco” to which I responded “polo”. She gave me a very dirty look. Turns out, that was her little boy’s name, not a game they were playing in the store.


She named her kid Marco and somehow I’m the jackass?

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. This sounds like a LOT. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that you find a resolution soon (to the daycare stuff, insurance, as well as sickness)!

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