I Am Obsessed with Yardening

I seriously am obsessed with my yard.

My moved into the new house in March 2011, and last summer all we could muster were a few hanging baskets (which, by the way, were dead in July due to a lack of attention and water). Mowing the lawn was as extensive as we got.

There was also the one day that I planted creeping phlox out front by our address rock and put solar lights on the address light.

That was a big day.

But now, I’m obsessed.

With the pond and getting it into some state that isn’t incredibly embarrassing.

With dandelions and they’re continued presence in my lawn.

With the dead spots under the trees, with the weeds, with the overgrowth on the trees that are in desperate need of a trim (much like my own hair – turns out there’s not enough time for either).

With a color scheme and how yellow, white and purple will look together and should I add in some red or pink (pink, really?) and should I consider geraniums at all? (See, OUT.OF.CONTROL).

By the way, this is the patio in its finished state. Isn’t it just great? It’s HUGE (like, literally, three times the size it was in usable space, but the foot print stayed the same. Crazy!)

Anyway, obsessed.

But, I hit a new obsession-low tonight.

I am traveling for work and am in Champaign, Illinois. I forgot my iPhone charger at home, so I made a trip to the local Target (where I spent $149 on lots of things, including the car charger and several guilty-I-travel-for-work-so-I-bring-home-gifts-for-Elle trinkets and the first pair of jeans that legitimately fit me post-baby). Anyway, on the drive to the store, I am driving and realize the lawns are BEAUTIFUL in Champaign, Illinois. I have an ah-ha moment realizing that there’s the University of Illinois here and it’s an ag-friendly kind of a place.

So, I take note of a few particular lawns that are phenomenal. I mean, PHE-NOM-E-NAL. Crazy good.

I leave Target, and want to be sure to drive back by the awesome lawns and gardens.

I get my phone prepared and roll down the window. I want to get a clear shot. But how, I’m driving at approximately 30 mph (way slower than the speed limit by the way)?

Somehow I have video selected instead of photo, so I capture the steering wheel and a flash of my favorite garden ever, paired with audio of myself saying ‘Are you kidding – did I even get a picture at all?’ and then saying ‘oh hell’.

I take a quick left into the subdivision and circle back around the opposite direction (now on the same side of the street as the house/lawn/garden I’m envious of) and I’ve planned this quite well. No cars coming, so I have a moment to take a picture while stopped/slowed.

I think we can all agree that at this point, I’ve taken yard-stalking and yard-envy to a whole new level, right?

Oh no, it gets better.

I’m on a kick to get back into running and am bound and determined to create the habit in my life. So, I’m on day three of habit-creating (I’m told it takes 21-27 days to create a habit…so…I’m three days in).

I pull into the hotel, directly from Target and set out with my iPhone in hand for a run. Mainly because I don’t want to lose the day light to capture the photos of my lawn envy…so, I’m off. Through the neighborhood, down the hill, up the hill, around the bend, down the road, up the hill, by the guy mowing the lawn where I’m thinking to myself the entire time…WOW these lawns are AMAZING. I mean, not just the one lawn, but MOST of the lawns. It’s like they’re all in some weird competition.

Plentiful hostas, lots of yellow iris, naturalized lawns with all sorts of randomness.

The edges where the mulched garden meets the grass are mounded nicely and neatly and perfectly and there is no mulch in the grass, no grass in the mulch. And there is mulch EVERYWHERE.

I turn around to grab the photos I came for and run back up the hill (as I turn around I realize how much downhill running I did to get the 1.2 miles away from the hotel).

And I finally come to my yard of envy.

And it’s even better than I thought.

Do you see that? Straight line of impatiens or something with evenly spaced trees, with hostas interspersed along the back in regular, equa-distant intervals, interspersed with what appears to be purple salvia.

And then, what I came for.

What I aspire to.

Some day, folks.



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