Dear Elle: You’re Seven Months Old

Dear Elle –

You’re seven months old today! And, I’m sitting at our home computer writing this letter to you! Isn’t that great?!

You’re so busy all of a sudden, squirmy wormy all the time. You love to bounce in your Little Einstein bouncer, but you have a new favorite: the walker! Our house is perfect, with hardwood floors that make it easy for you to navigate. We have rolled up the rugs in the living room to make it even easier for you to navigate. You have recently discovered the following: short tables with picture frames on them; electrical outlets; things hanging off door handles; closet doors…in essence, lots of ways to hurt yourself! So, your Dad and I need to do some re-arranging of furniture and some serious little lady-proofing of the house. (That electrical outlet thing just happened this morning, by the way). It’s kind of nice to see you go where you want when you want. Which is to say: you’re still not crawling…though you’re getting closer for sure.

You were a drooling fool there for awhile, but that’s sort of stopped (you’re still drooling, just not as much) but it seems like there are teeth in our (very near) future.

You’re pretty consistently eating three meals a day – fruit, veggies, oatmeal. There isn’t one thing that we’ve come across that you dislike, so I’m SUPER glad you’re up for fruits and veggies thus far. I hope you keep it up!

Tonight was our last swimming class and your first receipt of a certificate beyond your birth certificate! Woohoo! You are definitely ready for summer in the pool and the lake, so I’m glad of that. You got a life jacket from Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Scott at Easter, so I’m feeling good about how the summer at the lake will play out, too!

Yesterday was our first Mother’s Day together and I had food poisoning (boo!). It’s only just now, tonight, that I’m feeling kind of better and not totally dehydrated! It was such a bummer to be so sick, but your Dad and you trooped all over the neighborhood visiting people and staying away so I could get some sleep. It was all I could have asked for when I was feeling so rotten.

I can’t believe that you’re seven months old — in some ways it feels like it’s been just a blip on the radar and in others, it’s like you’ve always been here. Like you and me, meant to be’s, you know?

You love kitchen utensils, especially the rubbery-spatula things. There are a total of two in your toy bin that used to be in my utensil holder.

You were sick – again – this last month. I got super frustrated with day care, with myself, with the whole situation and spent a lot of time second-guessing my choices to put you in day care. But — they LOVE you there, you seem to LOVE going, and it sure makes my life easier to know you’re well cared for and they care so deeply for you.

The check-up with Dr. Shwayder on the hemangioma went well — and you could be weaned off the medicine in just a few months. We go for another visit in June, but it’s crazy how much it’s gone down and away in just the last month or so. I’m really, really glad that we chose this treatment instead of just letting it go.

You continue to spend lots of time with you grandma’s and grandpa’s and haven’t yet hit your ‘stranger anxiety’ period of life, which I’m grateful for. You seem to like people in general, so that’s exciting.

I follow other blogs and read books and such and one book the other night was saying how you need to find a way to go out to a restaurant, etc., etc. and I have to say, we haven’t ever thought NOT to go out with you. You’re really a great, great girl and you seem to be a relatively easy person to get along with. Grateful for that.

So, that’s it. We’ve reached our seven month anniversary, your seven month birthday. I find myself not able to determine my life without you in it – I tried the other day to see if I could, and I couldn’t. Or rather, I guess I could, but it seemed so empty relative to what we’ve got going now. The three of us are a great little team and I feel like we’re just start to gel.

I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for you, girlie. I know it’s going to be great. Will it be teeth? Crawling? Walking (probably not, but I’m prepared for anything I think)? Mama? Dada? I just can’t wait to see what you’ll reveal to us this month. You’re just the most excellent puzzle I’ve ever known and I love figuring out how we fit…though I still know just how we fit when it’s bedtime…your head in the crook of my elbow, eyes down, hidden from any light that may come in.

And the days when I judge my body for not being smaller, thinner, more fit I realize, too, that you fit just right next to the body I’ve got right now, too, and I’m not quite ready to let that go already. So I’m more ok with the body I live in these days – still trying to get fit for you, for my own health, but I’m beginning to come to grips with the way my body is from the wonder of carrying you.

I love you so stinking much, I can’t even quite do it justice in any words I try to put together. Being your Mom is hard sometimes, but overall it’s the most fun thing I’ve ever had the pleasure and fortune of doing.

I’ve thought a lot about the way I have been ending these letters to you. And I can find no better way to say it than, you fill me up. You make everything in me full…but mainly my heart (and my mind!). I love you, girlie.



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