The Pony in Her Hair

Today I got a call from Elle’s school aka daycare. That was a first and it made my heart stop. I quickly called back (missed the call?!) and was told Elle had a little accident and didn’t have a change of clothes. Ok, so I suck at keeping clothes at her school. I’ll own that.

Then I talk to Jon and learn that, after I have been talking for days about how I think Elle is ready for a pony because her hair is so long, the teachers at school have put a stupid, mini pony in her hair!!

Truth be told, I wasn’t so upset about the pony (ok, I was…I wanted to be the pony-putter-inner first) but that I wasn’t there to see it. I’m coming to terms with that reality though, because I didn’t cry.

I made Jon take a picture and text it to me.

For your viewing pleasure…

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