Girls Weekend Is Coming

So, our annual (well-almost) girls weekend begins this Friday in Chicago. It’s a bunch of girls from my hometown (formerly and current) who have tried to get together each year on Memorial Day weekend since we became old enough to realize that these types of things don’t ‘just happen’ and do, in fact, require some planning to get the group all together in the right place.


The weekend is rapidly approaching. I’m totally thrilled to be seeing my girls for a few days in the city. Of course, I wish I could have it all and not have to travel again and be away from my girlie again, but it turns out (I’ve realized recently) that I can NOT have it all. Total bummer.


I’m certain that our weekend will hold a lot of drinking (at the last one of these, I managed to be the one puking in the bushes the morning-after and got into a too-political debate with who knows who…). I’m certain we’ll laugh really hard – at most of the same jokes we always laugh really hard at. We’ll manage to discuss the facebook antics of people from high school, our in-laws, our children — but none of these at too much length. Instead, we’ll just be old friends, enjoying time and space together with some drinks and each other. I’m getting more excited about it as I write — there is just something about your oldie-and-goodie friends.


You’ll remember that some of us were together at Christmas, but this is the wider group and it’s got gals flying in from Naples, Baltimore, London, a few local Chicagoans and me. And we’re all from little old here! We’ve had emails flying back and forth for a few weeks in the run-up to the event. The email chain alone is at 40 messages.


However, the one big thing looming ahead of me that appeared on the itinerary for the weekend: bring one sassy outfit in case we want to go to the club/local celeb hot spot.


Ok, this brought fear to my heart, frankly. Do they sell ‘clubbing’ clothes in the Target clearance section? What does one wear to a club these days — do you have to wear skinny jeans (or be skinny?) to go to a club. Because I a) won’t wear skinny jeans and b) am not skinny (point a has much to do with point b).


**SIDENOTE: I was at Old Navy the other day and there were a pair of pants that were being marketed as “flattering for all body types” which I thought ‘hell yes, I’ll try those on!’ and I did, and this is what I have to say: Old Navy and your friends who are pushing this skinny jean fad — STOP saying things like ‘flattering for all body types’ because that’s a blatant lie. I laughed at myself in the dressing room mirror and thought – briefly and it passed – about taking a photo of myself to post here to show how NOT flattering they are on all body types. Ok, back to the post.


**Oh, and you can’t find clubbing clothes at Old Navy, either, I don’t think.


So, here’s the thing…I have nothing that I can fathom that qualifies as clubbing clothes. I’ve selected something that I’m wearing and I’m just committing to it (with an underlying fear I’ll get to the door of the club, some over-roided bouncer will give me the once over, shake his head and say ‘we have a dress code’ as I walk embarrassed into the night). And while I’d love to blame not knowing what to wear to a ‘club’ on my mommy role, it’s not that. I’ve never known (or wanted to really) what to wear to a club. SOOOOOooo not my scene. But, for one night, in the city, I am sort of looking forward to the odds-on chance we hit up ‘da club’. I’ll spend the bulk of my time absorbing what one wears to a club and feeling inadequately clothed and then I’ll be drunk and just won’t care anymore…which is my full plan.


I can’t be the only one that fears the club for this reason, right? Can’t be.


But, the weekend is nearing and I’m getting so excited to see everyone again. Last year we were forced to cancel our girls weekend because everyone was either pregnant or had just had a baby — or so it seemed. This year, we’re all-in. And I can’t wait for the weekend to begin!!





One thought on “Girls Weekend Is Coming

  1. Hey You–Don’t you think your friends may also ask themselves, what is a ‘clubbing outfit’, they have had babies also, and are probably struggling with scedules, relationships, the whole ball of wax, just as you are. Take it from me, dear wonderful person that you are. Just enjoy yourself with your group of friends, as long as you don’t show up in your robe or underwear, it just doesn’t matter!! PS: Do try to avoid puking in the bushes. Much love, Great Aunt Judi.

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