$100 in Binkies

Of course when you have a child who loves their binkie, you’re going to keep them around in every available location (most pockets of my jackets and sweatshirts, included).

These days, I’m insisting upon keeping 2-3 in Elle’s bed at night…she loves to play with the flapper-do on the front (I’m sure it has an official name, but…). She ultimately will pull her binkie out of her mouth, wake herself up, and freak out. It’s not a favorite blankie or toy that we’re up against – it’s just a second binkie that we need.

Here’s proof:


One thought on “$100 in Binkies

  1. My daughter does the exact same thing. We keep 4 extras in her crib. She will go to bed with one and immediately look for another and fall asleep with it in her hand. And if for some reason she gets mad (like if I don’t wake up and get her fast enough), she will throw them all on the floor which of course makes it worse. Oh how I wish she used a blanket or doll as her “security blanket” LOL.

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