The BackYard Again

So, I started this morning with a pond that looked like this:

Tonight, it looked like this:

If you can’t tell the difference…it’s ok. I won’t take it personally. I wish I had taken pictures close up of how awful it was in the ponds. Imagine a foot of mud, filled with the roots of cattails, wrapped around all of the rock you now see. It. Was. Awful.

And I have now touched EVERY rock in this picture at least two times – once to take it out (using a trowel to un-wedge it from the roots and other rocks) and once placing it carefully back into this pond.

Well, not every rock. My Dad and Karen both helped today in the pond. My Dad came down and worked on a fix to the deck that we had needed done since the inspection over a year ago and Jon’s Dad got all the pond electrical fixed up for us and added in a few outdoor electrical outlet areas for us too. So, now we’ve got all our pond lighting, all our outdoor outlet needs DONE. Crazy to think we had NONE of that this morning!

Anyway, here’s the damn pond in review, the only photos I can muster…

June 2011.

June 2011.

June 2011.

Ignore the preggo belly and look beyond, through the window. These are the best I could find, September 2011.

September 2011.

Keep in mind, I had a baby about 2 weeks after this photo – so the epiphany I had today while weeding my azalea bed “WOW, how did this not get touched last fall?” I answered with “Oh yeah, had a baby”. Crazy how time flies!

April 2012.

The creeping juniper (the green stuff) I was determined to cut out. Those dead, brown things in back are rotted cattails. That’s the third level of the pond that you can now see.

April 2012.

April 2012.

That pile at left is the creeping juniper I had cut out.

April 2012.

Ahh, the creeping juniper is gone but the upper two ponds need to be cleaned out completely, still.

June 2, 2012. Morning.

June 2, 2012. Morning

June 2, 2012. In Process.

June 2, 2012. In Process.

June 2, 2011. Evening.

June 3, 2012. Evening.

June 3, 2012. Evening.

It’s not done by any stretch. But it’s SO much closer than it ever was before. I’m always grateful for the family that Jon and I have, but today as we worked with our parents in the yard of our home, I was more grateful than ever for the families that we’ve been lucky enough to call ours!

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