Reason # 387

I’ve kept forgetting to remember to write about this…

A few weeks ago, before the big birthday party at our house, I was working on the pond with Jon’s Mom and Dad.

I hadn’t eaten anything all day long and it was a sunny, warm day and I was getting light headed, so I asked Jon (who was NOT pond-dirty) if he would make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Suffice it to say, Jon does NOT do food – making it or as a conisseur of consumption. He’s a picky kind of eater and he likes what he likes – that’s it. Grilled cheese (with bacon, if he’s in the mood), peanut butter (the Creamy Jif) and jelly (grape ONLY), pasta with alfredo sauce (no marinara) and WHY would you ever mess it up by adding CHICKEN?! Yes, my Jon is a picky eater.

Which is why I was thrown for a loop when the PB&J he’d made me did not contain grape jelly (it did contain an abundance of peanut butter).

I realized after my first bite that it was not strawberry jelly (my particular favorite) but was Red Raspberry Preserves, which I had in the fridge because I needed it to make Monte Cristo Breakfast Casserole awhile back.

But here’s the thing – Jon KNEW that I didn’t like grape. He remembered it and everything. He knew I liked something different from him, and he made me a PB&RRP sandwich.

And now, it’s my new favorite.

And reason #387 (again, I don’t actually have a list) why I love that man. He surprises me in the most mundane – and special – ways.

One thought on “Reason # 387

  1. That is really sweet. And it makes me feel bad because I would definitely have complained about the jelly choice (“we’ve been together or X number of years and you still don’t know what kind of jelly I like!?”) We’ve had this same interaction about coffee – several times (though i have to say – your HUSBAND should know that you like your coffee with milk or cream and not BLACK. Huge difference).

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a bitchy wife – at all. In fact – I’m the “nice one” in the marriage. But I’m particular about things like your husband – which makes me hard to please and…probably really annoying.

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