I Hate Coupons (subtitled, I Love You JCPenney)

I hate coupons.

Hate them.

I feel like I get ripped off if I DON’T use them at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or Babies R Us. But I HATE them. Having them organized, finding a spot for them in my wallet, figuring out if the damn thing’s expired (seriously, expiration date? I have enough things to keep track of (my sanity, my daughter, the balance in my checking account) that I really, REALLY don’t want to keep track of coupons.

My favorite (most hated) is when I have a coupon with me, forget to use it, and then feel the urge to go buy MORE because I went to a particular store specifically to use the coupon.

I’m the sucker that the stores WANT to get sucked into coupons.

And it’s worked.

Until now.

This is my love letter to JCPenney and my notice to the rest of the stores out there.

I’m done with your silly little coupon games.

Hate them.

Penney’s is willing to put their best price out there and not screw around anymore. No more coupons, no more discounts up the wazoo. Just the right price from the beginning (the example is they may have had a pair of sandals for $49.99 before, but after discounts, coupons, etc., you got them for $29.99. Now they’re just priced at $30 to begin with. They’re bringing in better designers all the time and – gasp – the clothes there ACTUALLY FIT ME. Like, not just saying that, they actually fit in a way that makes me feel halfway decent in my own body.

Read more here.

With all the noise out there – and the lack of return on this risky venture – Penney’s may go back to the discounts and the have-to-have-a-coupon shopper. But that’s when I’ll stop shopping. I’m willing to shop if you give me your best price, if you give it to me straight. But if I HAVE to have a coupon to get the right price…not a fan.

Qdoba’s another one that I love – instead of coupons, I have my rewards card and I just swipe it when I’m there and every once in awhile, I don’t have to pay for my quesadilla or burrito because I have earned enough points! It’s what keeps me coming back.

I know there are tv shows out there devoted to couponing (and we’ve hit another low, America) but I’m done with coupons. This may mean I’m limited to Penney’s, Qdoba and Target — or simply paying full price for items – but I LOVE what Penney’s is doing.

So I wanted to write them a little love letter and say so.

The #$!@# Backyard: An Update

Yesterday, Jon’s Mom, Karen, said that this weekend was the weekend to work on the pond. We’re hosting a big birthday party at our house next weekend and it’s time to get the thing finished. So, I took her up on her offer. She had a plan, and I was willing to make her plan work.

(NOTE: I know, I know – I haven’t written much lately. That’s not because I don’t have TONS of things to share and thoughts racing through my mind…it has more to do with the complexity of motherhood, womanhood, friendships, volunteer and civic involvement and the melding of all those things…I promise to write more).


So, this is the photo of where things stood at 1 p.m. this afternoon. Notice again that the pond, the bottom level is relatively cleaned up (though at this point growing algae since I last touched it so long ago). Also notice the nice border and color around the patio. That’s my handy work!

Karen even recruited Big John (Jon’s Dad) and her sister Selena to help in the pond, too. And then Selena recruited their other sister Carla to help. I can’t even TELL you how great of a help it was. Work that would have taken me the whole day, Selena and I got done in about 12 minutes together. I was absolutely amazed at how Karen and Selena were willing to literally get dirty to help get this pond in shape (we were all a muddy mess).

Here’s another picture as I headed out to get ready to clean up the pond. I just want to really point out the top level of the pond at this point — filled with cattails where are both rotten (those are the ones that look dead/brown) and sprouting new and growing MORE roots (the green stuff). From this angle you can’t even see how beautiful the yellow iris are. Seriously, incredible.


Here’s from the other angle, Selena hard at work in the pond, Karen taking a very quick (and deserved water break). The three of us spent HOURS in that upper level of the pond today.

Another shot of Selena – and the iris – around the pond. Big John took away three loads of CRAP out of this pond, with his tractor, for us.


And here is the closer-to-finished product.

Again, let me remind you:



In summary – THANK YOU to Karen, John, Selena and Carla for all their help today. Would not have this thing NEARLY DONE if it weren’t for you! We have the best families, I swear!