Dear Elle: Nine Months Old

Dear Elle –

Time flies, and it really has gotten away from me in the last few weeks. You’re nine months old, can you believe it?! And there have been so many changes in my life that are going to (I hope and believe) positively affect your life now and as you grow up.

I scored a new job! No more travel overnight and away from you, no more crazy sleepovers with Grandma’s and Grandpa’s — only for fun nights, not because your Mom and Dad are working! I can’t even imagine all the ways that this is going to make our lives better!

You are a busy, busy girlie. You are crawling everywhere you could possibly want to go, your Dad and I are learning how to say ‘NO’ a LOT and how to re-direct your short attention span (though, I swear, you can remember exactly what you’re NOT to touch somehow!). You’re pushing the little walker toy things around the house and you stand up very well on your own and often I’ll find you standing, not holding on to anything, because you haven’t realized you’re not holding on anymore. I think you’ll walk soon — but who knows.

Which brings me to teething — you haven’t sprouted any teeth, yet/still. Which is odd, I think. Nine months old and no teeth? But, you are trying more and more foods every day and the absence of teeth is ok by me. Soon enough, all these things will happen – the teeth, the walking.

You absolutely LOVE the water still — swimming in Clear Lake last weekend for the first time was something that you and I both enjoyed, together and it meant the world to me to be able to share that place with you. You love the bath, the bath tub, the pool, the lake. LOVE it.

It has been incredibly HOT this summer, which means that we’ve spent more time indoors than I would have liked thus far, but it’s SO HOT.

Your Dad just got a new job, too. He switches jobs a lot in his job, but now he’s working on building a wind farm, which is pretty cool too.

You are the funniest girl, I swear. You just crack me up. You think you’re funny, too, which just makes me laugh. I was thinking about it earlier tonight, and you are (and have been) such an easy baby. On a variety of levels – we haven’t ever really had to use diaper cream because you’ve never really had diaper rash (knocking on wood…). You don’t nap great, but you actually do sleep pretty well. You’re mild mannered, you eat anything we put in front of you. You love music and dancing and singing.

You’ve begun babbling in a more nuanced way, too. Lots of babababa’s with different tones. Lots of screaming at very high tones, too. Which isn’t great, exactly. We went out to eat at Tiffany’s in Frankenmuth last week with you Grandma Wendy, Dad, Uncle Trevor and Ashley and you sat in the big girl high chair and ate your puffs and Lil Crunchies (they’re just cheese puffs) and you would periodically scream. Which, I didn’t think a ton of, until we were walking down the sidewalk and a couple stopped us and said ‘oh, she doesn’t have anything to say now!’ and then I realized that they had obviously been at the restaurant with us and listened to your high pitch entertainment. Oops. 🙂

Right now you weigh about 19 pounds – I have no idea how tall you are. You seem so big – you’re learning so much every day – but you’re still really so little.

I just can’t believe that it’s been nine months already/it’s only been nine months. We’ve made so many memories already and there’s so much more to come, too!

I cannot tell you, girlie, how much I love you. You make my heart full.




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