The Downstairs: A Project

Well, I mentioned it yesterday, but I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on at our house.

See, now that I’m going to be home more regularly and be here at the end of each day from what will be a demanding role, I want it to be HOW I want to come home to, you know?

So, this is what our bi-level walkout basement looked like when we toured the house before we bought it:

There are more photos, but you get the gist…dark paneling, sports themed, etc. Great party room that walks right out onto the patio area (which you’ve read about here and here and here) but in need of some TLC. Notice the obvious burn marks on the fireplace. The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) everywhere and the ode to golf. We do live on a golf course. For the dark paneling, there is actually quite a bit of light supplied from the dual-slider that walks out onto the patio.

So, this is what it looked like in October 2011, when Elle came home from the hospital with us!

It was over-run with baby-stuff, and we ended up re-arranging the furniture over the course of the year, but for the most part, we had a sectional leather black couch and glass-topped tables. We had dark paneling. And few pictures. Because I’ve thought the space was horrible and ugly.

We discussed drywalling, but that didn’t happen and I wasn’t prepared to devote that kind of money to that project (lots of others we need to devote resources toward).

So, I undertook painting after doing some reading on pinterest here. I had to paint the paneling, and I had to make it look nice. So, I did my homework. I followed her advice.

When I began, it looked like this (forgive the awful settings on my iPhone):

Then, I primed. Twice. And it looked like this:

And then, I painted it a very light gray with two coats (see the tape on the trim?)…and it looked like this:

And, to show you what the nearing-complete downstairs looks like, here are some up to the moment photos:

I simply switched the furniture from upstairs and downstairs. I have taken a stab at cleaning the fireplaces (more to come on that front) and I still need to paint the mantel.

I love the cottage-y feel there now. I love that it feels like a room I want to spend time in, where I can fall asleep on the couch (haven’t done that in months and months, I swear).

It’s not done yet. I want to hang my photo shelves, look for a bit more decor, hang the coat hanger/cubbie I ordered, finish a built in bookcase/cupboard to the right of the fireplace, mount the tv above the fireplace. Change out the electrical sockets and switches to all white with white switchplates.

We’re well on our way – not there yet, but well on our way. I’m so happy with the way that my investment of $180 in paint/supplies transformed this whole room!

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