Baby Steps

Today is the day that goes in the books.


Elle took her first, teeny, tiny baby steps!


She spent today with my Mom and when I was there dropping her off, enjoying the last few sips of coffee, there was one step forward and an abrupt end to the standing, falling hard on her ‘bum’.


And then, there was the standing and the falling. She’s wanted so, so bad to move forward. She’s been standing on her own for at least 7-10 days.


There were a few more ‘was that a step?’ scenarios.


And tonight, together with Jon, my Mom and Trevor, we confirmed that today is THE day that goes down as “Elle’s First Steps”.




Well, that’s a heck of a stretch. She will be able to walk. But she took her first steps toward becoming a bi-ped! How exciting is that?!


And before dropping her off at my Mom’s this morning, I FINALLY captured her nine month photos (now that she’s 9 1/2 months).


So I’ve got super photos to share of her BIG milestone day. Not only that, she scored a well-baby shot for her nine month status and we confirmed (after a hand-wringing issue with ‘school’) that she does NOT have hand-foot-mouth (different from foot and mouth, for sure).


A bit blurry, but we’ll take it to document the day!

While my baby girl IS happy MOST of the time, I don’t want you to think she’s not a turkey every now and then. This morning was a cranky moment for our girlie.


Isn’t it crazy? She’s a walker now – I can buy the ‘walker’ foods in the baby food aisle. I know I should be wishing that time would go a bit slower – and I do – but I am just SO excited for all the things that are around the corner for us, the things to look forward to – big and small.


It is remarkable to watch, though, how learning happens, to appreciate it from afar. I mean, seriously. She started crawling – heck, I don’t even know when, but let’s call it six weeks ago. And she started standing and moving along the furniture in the last 2-3 weeks. And today – today – she took baby steps. My baby, taking her very first baby steps.


How incredibly cool.


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