This weekend, I was once again taken down by the food poisoning fairy. Seriously, I have always prided myself on my intestinal fortitude, and this is three times in two years that I’ve had food poisoning. What. The. Hell…


I have spent the last week on ‘stay-cation’ with a huge, laundry list of items to accomplish around the house before the new job begins tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. (gotta love that time!).


I’m happy to report that I accomplished many – not nearly all – of the items on my list (turns out I was a BIT ambitious on my list-making this time around) and I feel good about where I am in relation to getting my house ‘in order’. I spent a little (though not enough) quality time with my girlie, with my Mom, but wish I’d had more to spend with Jon and with friends. Oh well, there’s always a different time I suppose. (I’m just not sure when that will be).


I had the best of plans to really spend yesterday with my girlie, relishing the time I had left. Instead, I texted my Mom at 4:30 a.m. to ask her that when she woke up, would she come and take care of Elle (Jon had to work yesterday as it turned out). So, I called her at 7 worried that Elle would be up very quickly. Turned out that none of us was ambitious to do much – and I don’t know what I would have done without my mother. I laid in bed and stared at the painting on the wall – in between bathroom rounds – and just wished away the pain in my stomach, intestines and the rest of my body. To no avail. My Mom meanwhile got Elle to take lots of naps, fed her well and played with her lots. Elle was in hyper-teething mode, though, so it was a jolly day had by all! 🙂 I’m glad to never have another day like that, truth be told.


In other developments, Elle has developed SERIOUS MOM-ATTACHMENT which makes me feel good, but I don’t know that it does the same for anyone else. Our normally happy all the time girl isn’t always…which I don’t know if I can chalk up to the teething, to the new sleep routine we’re trying out or just the fact that I’ve been around more consistently (which I hope isn’t the case – it’ll make my guilt from the last nine months that much worse!). Or, I suppose it COULD just be her age and the normal-type of things that kids go through at nine months/ten months old. That whole separation anxiety thing. Of course, I’m anticipating it to be my fault first and THEN maybe something natural. Isn’t that just the way of mothers, though?


Anyway – tomorrow’s the big day, I start the new job! I can’t hardly believe that my week away from working is over and it’s back to the grind tomorrow. I’m ready for it. I have my week’s worth of clothes for work laid out. I just need to get the iron and ironing board pulled out and choose some shoes. I even got the jewelry set aside to wear with each outfit. I’m excited to have a reason to get more dressed up and have access to my entire closet each day. It’s already such a different world to be living in. Because my tummy is still a bit tender, I’m hoping to call it an early evening and hop into bed a bit early myself to get the day started on the right foot. Tonight’s new routine will include making up ‘school’ bottles the night before, as well as getting the coffee timer set to make coffee to coordinate with my alarm. Because this whole up early and functioning thing is going to take the commitment of my coffee-maker to make it seem flawless!


Well, with that I need to get the evening routine started.



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