And in my Haste…

I forgot to mention the way this evening ended.


With a phone call from Jon on his way home from work, asking if I wanted to meet him for dinner.


So, I grabbed Elle and we met Jon for dinner to celebrate my first day in the new job. And it warmed my heart that he did that – it IS the little AND big things. And I realized I totally skipped over that part in my earlier post.


Admittedly, I was a bit frazzled to be at dinner without a diaper bag, with a baby whose ‘school’ sheet I hadn’t looked at to know when she ate last. I was hoping – and we luckily avoided – a stinky poo-poo diaper and successfully avoided meltdowns with a package of oyster crackers and one of my bracelets from my first-day-at-the-New-Job to bang on the table.


It was a quick dinner, but it was important and I’m glad we did it.


Ok, I have 22 minutes before I have to be in bed (per my self-imposed bedtime) so sorry, I’ve got to go unload the dishwasher!




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