Where Do the Days Go?

I’m doing it again, over-extending myself and losing precious blogging time in the process. But, I feel like I’m becoming myself again in the process, so it’s ok.
I am in my fifth or sixth week of working in the new job and I LOVE it. It’s so well-suited for me and my life at this point. I can’t even begin to tell you. It’s like I shed 80 pounds (literally I shed like 12 in giving up the other job) and I just found myself again. The other job was sucking the life out of me. Ahhh, it feels good to be back.


I had the best laid plans to do up Elle’s first birthday party all crazy-Mom like. And I had the cutest invitations that I found that I was going to order the design file over etsy and then have them printed locally. Only, I couldn’t justify the expense. And then I didn’t like the idea of how they were going to look, and I wasn’t crazy about the layout, I wanted some relatively major tweaks. So, having lost all my design software (farewell, Creative Suite!) with giving up the old job, I of course used Powerpoint (seriously…). And I came up with a fabulous little invite. And then, I tried to export it to a jpg so I could get it printed at the local Meijer. Except that Powerpoint doesn’t export to jpg in high resolution, so the jpg was all messed up looking. So, needless to say, I battled it for awhile. I google’d all the work arounds and they all required changing the code of the actual computer during start up, which wasn’t something I was willing to do (I can just IMAGINE how that would’ve turned out). So, with time running out, I did what any digital-era mother would do.

I made it a PDF and emailed the thing, then created a facebook event and invited the people that we wanted to come. And I posted the PDF to facebook (sort of) too.

And that’s it. No postage. No post office (does anyone other than me feel guilty about how little they utilize the post office?). No printing. And no inviting anyone without a computer. Actually – I really need to print an invite for the neighbors,  since we don’t have to email them. They just live right next door.

It is amazing how hard it is to get to the post office, though, isn’t it?

My friend Jessica had asked me to return the breast pump she’d let me borrow and I said I’d have Jon do it two weeks ago (he got laid off two weeks ago – fingers crossed that he’s back to work next week!). And then I forgot. Not like I forgot to make sure it happened, I just kept forgetting to actually ASK Jon to box it and ship it. Which would have required me a)giving him her address and b)pulling the breast pump bag out of the closet. So, when Jay texted me the other day and asked if I’d shipped it, I lied. I said yes. And then I rushed home on my lunch break, emptied the contents of a box that appeared to be the proper size (happiness IS finding the right size tupperware!) and shoving the bag and some wrapping into the box. And then rushing to the post office (nearly 5 o’clock!) and asking if I was grabbing the right sticker to place on the box. I find it horribly confusing why the Priority Mail stuff sits right at the front of the line at the post office, but if you use that, then you have to pay for way extra stuff. I don’t know. It seems poorly organized to me. But then again, I don’t use it very often.

ANYWAY, I did actually get it shipped out (about 10 hours after I said I’d shipped it that day) and it will arrive to her house tomorrow. Oops.

I feel like I really need to develop some sort of better calendar system. I find it difficult to keep track of work stuff and home stuff and would-like-to-do-but-not-sure-I’ll-make-it stuff. I don’t have an app that I like that does all of it. I’m taking recommendations if you have a good GTD app (GTD means Get Things Done app…had to Google that).


Ok, so the big big news is this:

I turned 32.


Jon asked me to marry him.


Yeah, I know…buried in the midst of a post is this big deal thing. I know. I KNOW. Super exciting. (I guess I should clarify that I DID say yes). I love our little family and I love him and the people we are together, I really do. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t annoy me beyond anything that he doesn’t feel it critical to, when emptying the trash, also empty all of the bathroom trash cans (do those not count or something?) but I learn to live with that. I have learned to live with that (begrudgingly, obviously). But, I do. I love him and the man and the father that he is and that he becomes each day.

And the ring is gorgeous, friends.


I keep taking pictures to try to do it justice, and it just doesn’t.

So, we’re on to planning a wedding, too.

Probably April.

But we’ll see.

I wanted December, but that became a huge challenge to pull off.

Anyway, I guess I really just needed to get an update out here, let you know i was still here and I’m still fumbling my way through finding a routine.

I’ll get there – someday. I’ll have to, I think. But for now, intermittent rambling blog posts are the best you’re going to get.



One thought on “Where Do the Days Go?

  1. I haven’t read your blog in way too long, but here I am! CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement! So excited for you and your cute family!

    Great news on the job too. So glad you’re happier. You deserve it!

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