Seeking: Order

I need an app.

One that keeps my calendar (without my physically punching any information into it. Just reading my mind. And it can’t be Siri, because I just feel like a goon talking out loud. Almost as goony as stopping to put things in my calendar…).
I need an app that pops up reminders without me having to remind it to remind me. You know, when that happens, when you set a calendar thing, you plan on a little reminder popping up, and then nothing and two hours later you remember that you forgot to go to the middle school and help paint on Saturday morning.


I need an app that coordinates my work schedule and my home schedule with the lists that I make for things that SHOULD get done and COULD get done and MUST get done NOW, then and some day.


I need a filing system at work that is better than ‘this is the pile where I file things until I feel like filing them’. I also need that at home. Because the piles get bigger at home.


I need an app that reminds me to send birthday cards, buy birthday cards, or just simply to remember to grab a birthday card OUT of the card box. But then, I also need an app to help me in my quest for stamps.


And I need an app that incessantly insists that I wipe down the counters in the bathroom TODAY or TOMORROW or whatever day I choose. But it has to insist. It can’t let me snooze it. Is there such a thing?


Anyway – I need to find order in my life. I feel like there is none. And, instead of filing that pile of stuff in the corner of my eye, I sit here writing about filing it.


But this brings order to my life, too.


What to do, friends-out-there? What apps do you use to bring a sense of order to your lives?



One thought on “Seeking: Order

  1. I have the same problem…. Why would I want to clean the kitchen today when I could nap while the baby naps?? pshhh I’ll take naps over cleaning ANY day of the week!! I’ve started to sort of parent myself. I make a list every night of things that “need to get done”…keep in mind that USUALLY taking a shower, fixing my hair, and bathing the baby are on the list…it’s not all chores because really getting ANYTHING done is such a task even if it makes me look or smell better! I tell myself that if I make a list of 10, completing 5 will be success. I’ve just accepted that I can do half of what needs to be done without stretching myself out too thin and it also lets me take my nap/escape from the baby!

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