The Unforgettable Bikini Wax Question

Ok, so this struck me today.

This was my first weekend as MOD, Manager on Duty, and it was actually quite nice. I felt like I got some big things accomplished and checked off my list and I felt very engaged at work. It was good and I look forward to having an MOD weekend every few months.

But, at work, you see, I have a radio with me whenever I’m on property. You know, like a walkie talkie?

And there are probably about 30-45 people who have an assigned number (no use of names on the radio – my number is 61) and use the radio on any given day, from custodial to maintenance to security to customer service to management. We all use it, all day long.

And lately, almost daily, I’ve been reminded of the one time, back right after high school, when I worked at the putt-putt and golf course in the same town where I work now, that I made a MAJOR walkie talkie flub.

In fact, I can’t even believe I’m writing about it here, can’t even believe I’m coming clean. The ONLY reason I’m doing it is because it is now 13 years later and I’m still embarrassed by it, and I’m hoping that the whole mea culpa thing will help.

Sooo, anywho, I was working and it was slow, as it often was, at the golf course.

My friend, Shelley, was also working, but she was over at the putt putt. Our work places were brand new, so there were no phones to talk to one another, so we would often talk over the radios. And we were doing that this particular weekday afternoon.

And then, in the errors of youth, believing seriously that the world revolves around you and only you and that there is some magnificent bubble surrounding you, I ask her, nonchalantly, if she knows of any good place nearby for a bikini wax.


I think I’m turning red and getting warmer just writing about it.

Because that’s when our boss (who now happens to be the golf pro at the golf course where we are members…ugh…small world) came on the radio and said “we can all hear you”.

Uhhh, thanks for the reminder.



Except, at the time, I don’t think I was embarrassed.

It was only after said golf pro/boss came back for lunch and told me that the entirety of the restaurant where he and HIS BOSS were having lunch heard me ask the best place to go for a bikini wax.

Actually, I don’t think bossman actually re-iterated the words bikini and wax. I think he just let the reality of what I’d done hang there.

And now, 13 years later, I am haunted by my stupidity.

I wonder, now, how did I NOT, as a smart person, realize that OTHER PEOPLE WOULD HEAR ME?

So now, I’m very VERY particular about walkie talkie etiquette, just waiting for someone to pull a stunt worse than mine, so I can feel better about my own dumb shit.

It didn’t happen today.

It won’t happen tomorrow.

In fact, it probably won’t ever happen. I’ll just continue to be embarrassed of myself in front of myself every time I think of this stupid story.

Silly, silly girl.



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