The Two Day List

As you may be aware, I like lists.


So, I made myself a list for my ‘weekend’ – i.e., I worked the weekend, so I took Monday and Tuesday off this week, hence my weekend.


I made this list on Sunday night so I would accomplish very specific things in my two days away from work, while Elle was at school. The list looks like this:

I have not yet crossed off “Golf Tuesday”, but I will.


And…other than that, I have not fully accomplished any one thing on my list. In fact, I have come close to accomplishing absolutely nothing else.




Here’s what the filing task looks like:

Yes, there is an open drawer, three stacks of papers and stuff literally falling off the shelf. That’s not ‘in progress’ that is actually how I have left – and am leaving again tonight – my ‘filing’ task work.


I thought I’d for sure get to hanging the pictures on the wall of my bedroom. It’s been on about 14 lists in the last three months.


Instead, here’s what it looks like, as I’m staring down my bedtime:


That’s right, folks.

All splayed out on my bed.

And, now that I look at it, late-night feeding bottles on the headboard. I DID do a mad deep clean of the whole house from 2:30-4:30 this afternoon, but I missed those. Seriously? Disgusting.

And – I will once again have to re-stack the photos to go on the walls of my bedroom together on the floor. That’s alright, they look nice there.
And the filing, well, I can do that on a week night, right? Er, well…a night during the week that is not my weekend.


It’s because of the golf, I tell you.


The game takes so freaking long.


I played yesterday morning. You had to be signed in by 8:45 AM, to tee off by 9 AM. Except, teeing off at 9 AM really means they announce teams at 9 AM, so you don’t tee off until 9:30 AM. And somehow, it took us over four hours to play despite being one person short in our four-person best ball.


So, by the time I got home yesterday I had just enough time to get Elle, go to the park and play on the slides (Elle wasn’t so much a fan), come home, get re-ready for the day to go to watch Jen try on wedding dresses, then out for dinner, then back and falling asleep early.


And today, I was up and at em to golf for the 8:45 sign in, 9 AM tee off (which they should just admit is 9:30 AM), and it took 5 hours to golf this time, and then I came home and mad-rushed around the house to clean it up and feel good about it, lighting a candle in each room I finished cleaning to reward myself.


Except, then I came in to the office and looked at my list and realized I accomplished only ‘Golf’ on my list, nothing else, in two days.


Pathetic and lovely, all at the same time.


I wanted to tell you this because I don’t want you to think I have it all together…or that my house is clean…or that my filing is done…or that I even close the drawers when I’m not using them. My whole house, minus the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom, are clean. Wasn’t on the list, but it feels good nonetheless.


And I golfed really, really well for October in Michigan.




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