Formula to Milk

It’s the little things.
Seriously, we switched from formula (thank you Sam’s Club brand!) to Vitamin D, whole milk. Elle was nearly a year old, it seemed like the thing to do and the time to do it. She couldn’t live on powdered formula her whole life, right? Best to just see how the transition will go and…


So, we are now a family with milk in its fridge (neither Jon nor I have much use for a glass of milk).


And I was glad of that, felt like we were moving ‘up’ in the parenting world.




Except that NOW it’s becoming one of my daily fears to open the refrigerator and discover that we have less than a third of a gallon of milk, because that means that if it’s the morning, I have to try to remember to stop to get milk before I come home OR if it’s the evening, it means I’m likely going to have to run out again that night to get more.


I’m becoming scared of opening the fridge.


Which bodes well for my waistline, but not so good for our milk-on-hand needs.


Formula? You can just put as much as you think you could want in the little formula container. Throw a couple of bottles of water in the diaper bag, and you’re set.


But now? No. You have to actually think through the milk factor. You can’t throw a bottle of milk in your bag to go. It means that you have to actually either a) plan in advance or b) stop wherever you are to get a small thing of milk. Either way, not my cup of tea…err…milk, I guess.


Moral of the story: Careful what you wish for, you’re going to get it!


One thought on “Formula to Milk

  1. That’s so funny, because I was the total opposite – I HATED dealing with formula and LOVE being on normal milk. I must say that it does help that I get my milk delivered to my door! You need to get a milk man!

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