Day in the Life: October 16/17 2012

I love doing Day in the Life.

Totally random day that I chose. I wanted to do this on Thursday, because my Mom and I and her friends are going to the Temple Theater in Saginaw to watch PostSecret Live. But, I decided that ought to be a post on its own, so here’s my Day in the Life…

Forgive the photo quality – iPhone4 does NOT have a sweet camera.

10/16/12, 10:18 PM: It’s Tuesday evening and Jon and I are watching the Tigers, Elle is in bed and the presidential debate is on a different channel. We try to watch the debate, but can’t stomach any of it. Baseball’s better. The good guys (Detroit Tigers) are up 2-0 in the bottom of the 6th.

10/16/12, 11:25 PM: Need a snack of SOMETHING and stay healthy with a cucumber, see? Yes, I ate on the couch, watching the Tigers still. Still up 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth with Verlander leaving the game after 8.1 innings pitched.

11:30ish PM: I pass out on the couch, which rarely happens anymore, and the Tigers end up winning by the skin of their teeth.


11:41 PM: My own bed, where I barely remember actually crawling under the covers.



6:30 AM: Alarm goes off. Snooze until I get fed up and turn the iPhone alarm off.
7:00 AM: Second alarm goes off. Snooze once, then turn off the alarm altogether.


7:28 AM: Check Facebook on my phone while lying in bed.


7:29 AM: Elle (who moved to our bed around 4ish AM after a diaper change and bottle) is crying LOUDLY IN MY EAR. Should’ve given myself the hour headstart, but Jon’s laid off for the week, so I take full advantage of that fact.


7:41 AM: Elle has crawled on top of me and is laying on me sleeping. Which means I enjoy myself and my cuddly, cranky-morning girl. I love mornings in bed with her and Jon. I know it’s against all the parenting rules, but it makes me happy (most mornings) to have her snuggled next to me.

7:44 AM: Cuddling is now over. We are up and at ’em. Elle’s picking out an outfit…which means I chose this for her. She’s got a doctor’s appointment at 9 AM that Jon is taking her to. Her one year well baby check up!

7:46 AM: Turns out Elle is not awake or happy to be attempting to be awake. Meltdown #1 of the day ensues.

FYI, I hate those Huggies wipes. They are the worst. I bought them at Sam’s Club and they aren’t in the package like tissues, so that one pops up after the other, they’re just folded on top of one another. Worst idea ever. It feels like this box of wipes is lasting AGES as a result of purely hating them.

7:53 AM: This is where it gets good. I was mainly trying to capture two things a) my morning beauty and b)that my favorite PJ shirt is my 1998 Girls Michigan High School Athletic Association Golf long-sleeve t-shirt. That’s right, it’s 14 years old, that t-shirt I’m wearing.

7:59 AM: It’s a Day in the Life and most days I really do try to appreciate the wonderful view our backyard gives to us, so I wanted to share it too.


8:03 AM: Dressed, after trying on several options. It’s a black dress, gray/silver wrap and black tights. Comfortable option and yet looks trendy-ish.

Here are the products out of the huge silver case the I actually used on my face this day… Jergens Natural Glow face lotion, Almay Wake Up Makeup, Mac blush, Clinique blush brush, Revlon neutral tone eyeshadow, Urban Decay eye primer, Revlon (I think) mascara, Mac bronzer and brush, eyelash curler and dark purple Mac eyeliner. Not in that order…

After makeup:

I also want to show you my hair…and mainly that I am obviously in year three of a seven-year bad luck streak. I feel like I’m doing okay if this is my bad luck streak.

8:15 AM: Elle’s favorite drawer to play in. It’s like she can hear me opening it and comes running…notice the absence of combs (she’s taken them all into her toy bins) and the Fiber Choice pills. They’re in that drawer because I SHOULD really take them more often and that’s as likely a spot as any that I’ll take them and because it provides entertainment when Elle starts digging through the drawer. Like a rattle, except Metamucil style.

8:17 AM:

What’d I tell you?


8:27 AM: Elle is getting ready to head to the doctor with Jon while I’m trying to get out the door. My two favorite people!


8:28 AM: On my way to work.

My drive is so short, it’s a crap shoot what song’ll be on in the morning. Great start to the day with my favorite song of the year! Springsteen, by Eric Church.

8:33: Arrive at work. Seriously, it’s a FIVE MINUTE DRIVE!

My office, how I left it from the day before…

8:35 AM: Need coffee. Our office manager just bought me a coffee pot for work!

8:44 AM: Computer is getting up and running, I’m checking voice mails and taking a Zyrtec and a Biotin Vitamin. I’m in the process of trying to grow an excellent running ponytail…as soon as I have one, that’s when I’ll start running (that’s what I keep telling myself).

Michelle and I count cash and do our morning routine, get the bank deposit ready, etc. It’s a pretty typical morning thus far.

9:39 AM: Remember/realize that I’m to do engagement pictures with Rick and Jen (Jon’s brother and future sister-in-law). Call Jon to make a plan for his parents to watch Elle as Jon is slated to go to work that evening in Bay City. Only to find out that he is not going to work in Bay City, he is still laid off. Curse the construction industry and the shitty economy. Just a little more turn in the economy and I know he’d be more steady.

Debrief on Elle’s check-up. She got four shots, including a flu shot and weighed 20 pounds and was 30 inches tall. Excellent!

10:04 AM: Was supposed to have secured my family holiday plans over the weekend so our management team could finish our coverage schedule for the month of December, so I quickly message my Mom’s side and then my Dad’s side making an appeal to lock down holiday plans.


10:53 AM: Close the door to my office and get ready for a radio interview I’m doing with WJR out of Detroit. It’s with Dave Lorenz of Pure Michigan and it will air the weekend before our annual Deer Widows Weekend event at work.


While waiting, I check my Gmail and get a note on some of the economic development activity that we’ve been doing in my local community and get asked to put together a presentation for an upcoming buy-in presentation to key stakeholders.


11:58 AM: WJR spot went well, incredibly well. Lasted all of seven minutes and I think I hit all my talking points.
Met with my Lead Customer Service Rep to review her annual goals and make sure that she’ll meet her goals by year’s end. She starts an 11 day vacation tomorrow, so it’s kind of our last chance before the holiday season chaos begins.


We have a monthly lunch to celebrate manager’s birthdays that month and today happens to be our weekly manager’s meeting/Dawn’s birthday lunch. I ordered the Cheesy Chicken Gyro from Victor and Merek’s.


Should’ve gotten a pic before biting into it…I have an abnormally large bite I think.

Here’s my boss Phil with his tasty Victor & Merek’s lunch! I honestly love working for him, he’s a phenomenal man to work for.

1:29 PM: Meeting is finally done. They have a tendency to run long. We did start early since we did the lunch, so we’re done early. It’s good, because Thursday (tomorrow) is my last day before taking Friday/Saturday off.


2:58 PM: Typical busy work day. Just proofed a memo to go out to all 145 of our tenant/merchants, trying to secure release for our Deer Widows Weekend Bargain Hunting Guide to go to print, emptied my real mailbox which I do about once a week or so, and called Jon to make a plan for pictures in the evening.


3:02 PM: Confirm appointment for trying on bridal dresses at Becker’s Bridal and that my Mom can take the day off to go with me to to try on dresses. Looking forward to it regardless of what the outcome may be.


4:29 PM: Working on drafting an email to go to business-to-business contacts for our Veterans Day Sales. Need it done before I’m out of the office in Houston next week. Over the radio I hear Security get a call because someone thinks their car could blow up because it’s leaking gas in the parking lot. It’s actually nothing to worry about and is quickly taken care of.



My hair is at an awkward stage and doesn’t last down very long throughout the day…


5:35 PM: I keep the clock in my car at least 8 minutes fast because it helps me feel less late…on my way home to grab Jon and Elle and head to the park where we’re meeting Rick and Jen for pictures and Elle and Jon are going to play.

5:41: I pull in the driveway and Jon’s Jeep is running, the garage door and door to the house are wide open and no one is inside. Weird. I ultimately find Jon and Elle in the backyard on the patio talking with our neighbor Michael. When Elle sees me she takes off across the muddy new grass in her socks.

We load up to head to the park.

5:50 PM – 6:30 PM: Engagement pictures in the park.




A picture of Jon and Elle playing in the park while we were looking for great backdrop and light…

And, a little Daddy/Daughter photo grab:


6:30 PM: We decide that instead of getting pizza at Rick and Jen’s as previously planned, we’ll go to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner. And, a strawberry margarita is sounding pretty damn good.

Jon and I take our own ‘engagement’ pic. I love us and our duck faces.

6:36 PM: The back entrance to Nuevo Vallarta.


6:36 PM: Group picture at dinner.

Elle was a trooper through dinner, but she’s honestly getting harder and harder to take out to restaurants. We deal with it and I feel like we do it pretty well. Quite honestly, the only saving grace lately has been that Jon and I have downloaded the free Fisher-Price apps onto our phones. That’s always good for 5-10 minute spurts of sitting in one spot.

7:52 PM: After dinner and a margarita, it’s time to visit my Grandma’s new condo that she just moved into today.

My Mom was also over, helping my Grandma unpack boxes.

8:05 PM: Elle’s SUPER TIRED and got four shots and has been hanging in there with the best of them, so we take one of the boxes and make her a little tent/fort. She LOVES it.

8:28 PM: I had been wearing a three-strand green jade toned beaded necklace. Elle pulled at it (it was already broken, I just had rigged it to make it not look broken) and it came off my neck. So, she then played with it.

And in a few swift minutes, it was toast. You can see strands of it in motion across this picture.


8:44 PM: Finally  home and in PJs with a bottle for Elle, in her rocking chair in her room. Her hair is standing straight on end from being in a ponytail all day. You’ll also notice her love for plastic mini hangers, too. She just holds onto them for whatever reason. Weird, right?

9:22 PM: I am SO ready for bed. Long day. Tigers were supposed to be playing, which I would have watched, but instead it’s rain delayed. So I opt to watch PBS on my iPad in bed. I am 10 minutes into the American Experience episode about Jesse Owens and am determined to get further.

I washed my face, filled my water cup and put on my same PJs (yup, I do that!). Love the runny mascara under my eyes, yet I look so happy to be going to bed?! Totally an unflattering mid-section photo here. I’m going to go with it’s a bad angle and the t-shirt was bulging out…ick.

Anyway, by 9:25 PM I was OUT. I did not make any progress on watching my Jesse Owens show.

Maybe tonight.

There you have it – just a day in the life!

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