Postsecret The Play

I have much to update and two drafts in the queue that will have to wait.


I’ve just returned from Postsecret The Play and it was amazing. It was the second time that they’ve done this play – it was actually a workshop – and I forgot how much I enjoy Frank Warren’s take on the world.


But more than that, I spent time with my Mom and her friends and Hol Leigh, my Mom’s BFF’s Teri’s daughter-in-law (keeping up?). Anyway, it was so awesome to be with five other women for the evening, in such a cool atmosphere, doing something in a local-ish community but that had some sort of panache to it…I don’t know, I’m just feeling inspired as a result!


I think it’s good to get away, to spend time doing things that you enjoy doing or venturing slightly outside your comfort zone with people that you trust.


I have said repeatedly how lovely I think my Mom and her group of lady-friends are — I’m just glad that Hol Leigh and I get to be included, too!


It was at the Temple Theater in Saginaw, which was absolutely gorgeous. We had dinner at the Savoy Bar & Grill before hand, where an older woman waited on us in a smock apron, which was kind of neat too. When I asked for red wine she told me they had “Merlot or Chardonnay” for their red wines…definitely off the beaten path a little bit 🙂 The food was good, the company was excellent and the evening was a success.


I talked – a lot. I laughed – a lot more. It was refreshing and energizing all at once.


And – it turned out I walked around the entirety of the evening, feeling pretty sassy in my first-time-wearing-them-out skinny pants and heels, with my pants unzipped.


So, I ALMOST have it all together.


In the meantime, Elle and Jon hung out at home and got to play together. I need an Elle play day in a big way. Just a me-and-her kind of a day. Soon.


But in the meantime, I’ll live and thrive on nights like tonight, sharing time and space and memory with some of the best women I know. Thanks for a great night ladies!


P.S. – Can you believe we didn’t take a group photo together? Unbelievable.

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