My Day Off

I’m feeling inspired today, so you may see multiple posts here.

Before I forget – Elle is doing the CUTEST thing. She loves purses, and she wants to carry anything as a purse (she had my sports bra slung over her shoulder, carrying it like it was a purse last night). She loves to put things in and take things out. SOOO cute.
Not so cute, however, is how she loves to take things out of every cupboard and closet in the house.


Yes, child proof locks ought to have been installed long ago. They were purchased, but I have felt as though installing child proof locks is man’s work (i.e., Jon’s work). If you wait long enough, however, everything becomes woman’s work.


I realized this past week that the reason I cannot get my house clean (other than the fact that I was in Houston for three days for work and I’ve been incredibly exhausted) is because I’m spending an inordinate amount of time simply putting shit back where it goes, under the cupboards.


It was cute, a few months ago, when Elle wanted to play ‘make up’ while I did mine. That game has morphed, though, into pulling every single thing out from under the bathroom cupboard (don’t worry, cleaning supplies don’t live under the cupboard) and throw it on the floor. If the thing is inside another thing (i.e., tampons) then every tampon will be thrown on the floor individually, too.


So, today, on my day off, I went to Menards and bought better lock things. And I’ve installed them in the bathroom. And I have been cheering as I test the doors out. I just got back 30 minutes of every day!


Out of guilt, I did leave one drawer unlocked so she can play in it – but it’s only got hair bows in it. I can handle putting hair bows back. I cannot handle putting all the tampons, pads, towels, washclothes, baby shampoo, hairspray, cotton balls, makeup sponges and more back EVERY TIME the door to the bathroom opens. I feel like I’ve created an entire new world for myself.


Ahh, that feels good.

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